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  1. Brilliant Shri Mahesh.

  2. this is wonderful. yes the human computer of almost the same batch is also now virus infested(in my service of irps they used to say i have elephantine memory!!). it is very true that periava has been carrying us regularly and caring for us in each step as HH is now doing with Mahesh to help us all with so many good things. more than us probably Mahesh is more blessed to carry us through HH memory. there is a reference to Mettur (HH Mettur swamigal). Let us all pray he is ok and will enable us to remember things and not fall a prey to old age disease of alzhemiers. let me assure swaminathan that periava will not allow him to fall prey to alzhemiers as he mentions.

  3. அருளுக்கு துளியேனும் தகுதியில்லா பாத்திரம் –
    நான் அடி வண்டல் !

    With such a humble attitude and bakthi , Shri Swaminathan has attained the lotus feet of Mahaperiyava one year back. We are all blessed to hear his experiences today and we are all greatly indebted to Shri Ganesha sharma ji for doing this interview.

  4. Dear Mahesh,
    I second the thoughts of Sri Sridharan. Sri Periyava has indeed inspired you so that we can all be benefited. But would it be too intrusive for us to ask you to share the specifics.
    This interview is truly amazing, such open devotion and such grace.
    Thank you very much.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  5. Thanks for posting this video. I have read about Sri. Swaminathan’s experiences with Maha Periyava. He is a great devotee. Blessed to see his picture and hear his voice recounting some of his experiences. Thanks to Sri. Ganesa Sharma and Mahesh for sharing. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. Dear Mahesh,
    Thanks for your efforts in bringing out experiences of great devotees of periava and sharing with us. My request is that you bring us your experiences with periava or at least let us know what has ispired you to take up such a wonderful service. I am sure, like me many people wait for your daily postings.
    Any amount of gratitude is less for such a gift you give us daily. Indeed we are fortunate to be part of this.

  7. Thanks once again Mahesh for brining out one one experiences of great devotees of Periava.

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