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  1. Myself and my wife are blessed by Mahaperiyava at Thenampakkam Kanchipuram in 1978 as we did not have children even after 5 years of marriage. By the Blessings of Mahaperiyava I have a daughter and a son both of them are married and blessed with children. Mahaperiyava is the Great Saint and Mahan of Kaliyuga. I want to vist Kanchipuram and Shankara Mutt every now and then. Can I get the complete address and Sri Suresh and Smt Bhavan at Coimbatore?
    S. Ramanujam

  2. Very Inspiring. I’m amazed at the network of Sri Ganesan and Sri Sivaraman for identifying rare people like this.

  3. So beautiful.

  4. Thank you very much for introducing the world a great couple. The happiness shows in their faces. May Periyava’s blessings continue with the couple .

  5. MAhesh, Can u me give me the contact details of Sri Suresh. I visit Coimbatore very often. I would like to have his Darshan.

    • 9952305613 is the contact number of Sri Suresh.

      • Guruve Charanam . Please provide contact number n address of Sri Suresh and smt. bhavani couple.
        We are visiting CBE n would like to take their blessings
        Will b grateful if you can reply at the earliest

  6. Dear Mahesh,
    Me and my wife are devotees of Mahaperiva. We thoroughly enjoy your postings. You are doing an enormous service to the world with your devotion and work. May Mahaswami make your efforts a grand success!
    Thank you!

  7. honestly, i feel very jealous seeing these couple. may periava bless them.

  8. good. there is transformation in life of ramaswami’s son just by a long drishti of periava at hubli!!!! i know of another mrs. ramanan (who was going to u s a) whose life is transformed to that of religions one after i gave her a copy of part i and ii of deivathin kural and a rare copy of periavas speeches published by kalaimagal long ago (which we dont get these days unfortunately). hubli ramaswami

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