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  1. Namaskarams. The painting looks very natural. Hopefully, Periyava was sitting in his hand and enjoying each and every stroke of Mr. Narayanan Bala while carrying out the work, blessed him to complete such an amazing painting. Great work sir. We are waiting to see more paintings soon.

  2. Life-like painting.
    Shri Narayanan is gifted to bring out such a magnificent portrait of Maha Periyaval.

  3. Thanks sir for a painting of periava full of life

  4. I consider myself specially privileged, in having had the opportunity of looking at several of Sri Narayanan’s paintings and sketches of our Mahaperiyava, and having known this wonderful devotee for several years. When my wife and I were looking for rented accommodation at Anjanapura, Bangalore a few years ago, where he has a flat, we had the good fortune to find it vacated and thus could move in there and use his special room, where he had once kept his Periyava paintings and drawings, as our Pooja room.

    Partha Desikan

  5. very beautiful and natural. salutations to Narayanan sir.

  6. The devotion of Sri. Narayanan Bala to Maha Periyava is known to all who are members of this group. With his gift of art of paining and portraying , he expresses his devotion to Maha Periyava. As described this portrait of Maha Periyava
    is special as Maha Periyava is also chanting with other pundits. Nana Bala has offered paintings of Sri. Seshadri Swamigal to the Adhishtanam of Seshadril Swamigal. His samarpan of paintings of Maha Periyava is great.

  7. Last weekend was a seemandam celebration with vedic chanting the previous day- the gurukkal and his students did an amazing chanting. This painting was the centre of the wall decoration in the huge living room where the ritviks were chanting with the vadiyar sitting below. It was “prathyaksham” to the gathered devotees who said look – periyava also has a book like the chanters and was chanting along with them. Dr.R-Periyavalay unga perakuzhandai kaaga blessings shower seigiraar- Aanandam ,Aanandam Aanandamy- Jaya jaya Shankara Hara Shankara and the vaadiyars name- Sri Chandrasekara Ganapaadigal. This post is being written so the grandchild will hear about the Karunamurthy is really a Nadamaadum deivam who will also appear kadal kadandu in Chicago.

  8. Namaskarams.

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