Sincere apologies for confusion

While coordinating in getting Sri Pradosham Mama book distributed to all of you, I made a mistake in “assuming” that Shri Ganesh Kumar is busy with his work/travel etc. I talked to him this morning and he told me that there is nothing other than Periyava kainkaryam is important/priority to him. He mentioned that he had canceled international trip in the past so that he does not miss Periyava’s Jayanthi events – what a bhakthi!!!! I feel very embarrassed in creating this confusion to such a great devotee. My sincere apologies to Shri Ganesh Kumar.

He is more than happy to help us in getting the book distributed to all of us. He has enough books at home for distribution. In fact he carries some in his car all the time!!! Please reach out to him in the following address::

#3 Sankara Apartments,

91 Lake View Road,
West Mambalam,
Chennai 600 033.
Tel: +91 44 4266 8907 / +91 98844 60904


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  1. Got the book from Sri. Ganesh kumar yesterday. The place itself looked like a temple with full size Periyava photos..I feel blessed.

  2. Sri Mahesh,

    Met Sri Ganesh last weekend to get the book. Amazing person … amazing book … had been enjoying the book for the past one week – should finish first read today. Thanks for letting the world know. May HH Mahaperiyavaa always be with you!


  3. What book are you talking of. I would like to have it too.


  4. Thanks. It will be really great if someone upload the book in pdf since I am living outside of India.

    Looking forward.

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