Brahmasri Ganesa Ganapadigal’s emotional interview…

After Lord Krishna left this world at the end of His avatara, Arjuna spent rest of his life remembering all the days he spent with Krishna – how he spent time with Him, played with Him, treated him like his friend without realizing that He is that infinite Brahman. Same way, Shri Ganapadigal here cherishes every minute spent with Mahaperiyava..nobody can have anugraham like how he got…Don’t miss…

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  1. How blessed are great devotees like Brahnasri Ganesa GanapadigaL and N.V. Maama! As children, they were associated with Maha Periyava. Such valuable experiences elevate us all! Thanks for posting to Sri Sivaraman for these great interviews and Mahesh.

  2. I have felt the nadamadum daivam.

  3. Shankara. What I can say.

  4. Brahma Sri Ganesa Ganapadigal is a highly blessed soul and his total dedication to Maha Periyava is bewildering me.
    He has grown up from childhood with the benediction of the great saint and belongs to the Kanchi mutt.

  5. I am very much moved to hear BrahmaShri Ganesh Ganapadigals experience with our Maha Periyava..What I understand from this interview is if you are really dedicated to Maha Periyavals Easwara Karyam you will be never let down by Periyava.He will be with you in your every step as if like our parents walk with there young ones who teach them how to put one step after another to walk. I am Very glad to know i had his dharshan 3 times in my life.Those dharshans are all still green in my life.Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara.

  6. Thanks a lot Mahesh. It is really an experience to enjoy the experiences of Shri Shastrigal. They are all Punya Koti Thondargal. At least let us be Thondar Adip Podiyargarlin Thondar Adip Podiyargal. Maha Periyavaa lives with them and in them.

  7. touching

  8. blessed soul

  9. what do you want me to think! when we hear about periava we only remember each incident he helped us. Do you know even today if you think of Him you will realise his presence. I know when i get stomach pain in only touch the place and ask him to come and help and he takes the pain from me. Periava Periavathaan and how fortunate we are to have Him with us. Hubli Ramaswami as i am called.

  10. The game that Mahaperiyava taught is actually a yoga practice… where they do this and sit with force on the base…to raise the Kundalini from Mooladhara Chakra. I guess he didnt mention it but taught so that it happens by default for the children. Shambho Mahadeva…

  11. Dear Mr.Mahesh,

    Another emotional experience. When I hear and see such fortunate souls narrate their wonderful experiences with the PRATHYAKSHA DEIVAM, they more than compensate my bad luck and make me feel the presence of HIM. Thank you once again.

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