Must-see interview of Sri Vazhutur Ramamurthy

Don’t miss this one – amazing….

Sri Vazhutur Ramamurthy is the blessed son of Sri Vazhutur Rajagopala Sarma (his articles used to appear in magazines such as ‘Bala Jyothidam’). Shri Ramamurthy has observed Periava very minutely and brings his experiences right in front of our mind’s eye.


  • Swami Chinmayananda’s bakthi for Mahaperiyava
  • Thirumuruga Krupananda vaariyar Swamigal incident with Mahaperiyava
  • Writer Munusamy incident – absolutely amazing…
  • Importance of Maatru bakthi as hailed by Mahaperiyava
  • Horse metaphor from Rig vedha as explained by Mahaperiyava

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  1. Really Great,we have just to pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Maha PeriyaVal.

  2. blessed to know more and more about HIM. Miss something on a day if there are no posts on a day. Thnx for sharing.

  3. blessed

  4. What a soft natured, kind and compassionate gentleman Shri Ramamurthy is. Full of happiness, love and devotion for Him. Our Amma. That Sarveshwaran. Shiva, SHiva, Shiva…

  5. Indeed one of the beat interviews.I am so moved that I want to visit that Chturvida veda patasala.May I have the details of the Patasala please
    Revathi rajappa

  6. do you have text version please ?

  7. Mr.Mahesh,
    This is one of the best interviews I have watched in your blog. Ananthakodi Mamaskarams to those Mahanubhavas. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was crying uncontrollably at times. Mahaperiava Sevai la
    ungalai arumaiya eedupaduthindu irukkel. When we hear and see these Godly experiences of such great devotees, we also fell blessed. Thanks a million times.

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