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  1. Very blessed. And to hear their stories and that without knowing that such a person exists in reality is also a blessing at least so I think

  2. I live in hosur. I would like to be associated with kanchi mutt related activities.

  3. Mahesh, my id is tiruchy2002@yahoo.com I need Sushila’s email id and phone no. please. Thanks.

    Padma Nagarajan

  4. Mahesh,My id is rgeeta06@gmail.com,contd from the previous post! Asking for susila’s ID

  5. Mahesh,
    Could you please give me Smt Susila’s email address or phone no? I would really I want to talk to her,please?

  6. Can you please let me know Sushila’s email address and phone no. Would like to talk to her or send her an email.
    Padma Nagarajan

  7. tears were rolling down my eyes–what more can be said about periava anugraham

  8. The compassionate One.

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