Experience of Sri Sundarakumar with Mahaperiyava

Sri Sundarakumar is one of the most blessed devotees who quit his job with Priyava’s anugraham. He shares many rare incidents from his life.


  • The only day on which we have to take bath AFTER sunrise , as explained by Periava
  • Periava’s humourous remark on completion of Dhanur masam
  • Right age to perform Bhimaratha Shanthi, as explained by Periava

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  1. Excellent interviews and great insights! I am a little confused by the info on Bhimaratha Shanthi. I have heard (and also read) that BRS is done at 70 years completion whereas at 77y7m7d, Vijaya Ratha Shanthi is done. The VRS is to be done exactly on this day irrespective of one’s Janma Nakshatram. This is what HH Jayendra Saraswati Maha Swamigal also celebrated in Feb-2012, while the BRS was in 2004. The various Shantis are laid out nicely by Sri Sarma Sastrigal at, http://www.periva.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=clarifydharma&action=display&thread=2108. Any further clarification on this will be very informative.
    Great work and Kudos to all who are working tirelessly to keep this going!

  2. Once you keep your 100% faith on Periyava ,Our Periyava will begin to act on you,and if you are truthful to his words,you people need not worry,He come to your help with in no time This has happend to Smt Suseel.This happend to my wifes family too in many times.they are also very much devoted to Periyava.

  3. Beautiful. Shankara.

  4. Sundarji is highly devoted at the Lotus Feet of Mahaperiyava, Sivan Sir & Tiruvallikeni Periyava (Govinda Damodara Swamigal). He is a very famous upanyasaka and considers Sri Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshitar as his manasika guru. Following more or less the same style of pravachana, he does not believe in marketing his speeches. Being very adherent to whatever he speaks during his upanyasas, he leads a very austere lifestyle, with parayanas of Srimad Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatham & Srimad Narayaneeyam, every single day without fail. He has in his worship the Holy Padukas of Sri Mahaperiyava. Some of his upanyasams can be found here – http://sumukam.wordpress.com/discourses/sri-sundar-kumar/

  5. Apaara Karunaa Sindhum Gnyaanadham Shaantharoopinam
    Shri Chandrasekhara Gurum Pranamaami Mudhaanvaham

    Simply marvellous. Had a chance to listen to Brahma Sri BSK mama 2-3 months ago (May 19th 2012, a day before Mahaperivaa’s English birthday in Mumbai) on the same topic, But just like our puranas, which no matter how many times you listen to, always impress you from a new and different angle, so too mama’s upanyaasam on Mahaperivaa. The generation born post 1990 (Jan 8th 1994 to be precise) who would not have had the oppprtunity of Mahaperivaa darshan have some solace from such upanyaasams. They could get a feel for what sort of a phenomenon Mahaperivaa was. As for the luckier generation born in an era of some overlap with Mahaperivaa’s avatar on earth, it is a chance to recollect how Mahaperivaa tocuhed their lives. Like mama mentions at the end, only because HE was the Parabrahma vatsu that resides as Antaryami, every one of us feels that Mahaperivaa is right there with him/her. What a prayer at the end – “May Mahaperivaa’s smaranam always be with me in all janmas”. Only the truly blessed can think like this. Reminds roughly of Hanuman refusing a Vaikunta bereft of Rama’s name. Mama is an inspiration to the current generation, who shows how one can live even in today’s world without compromsing on the shastras we have been advised to follow. At my level I pray that I get to listen to mama’s upanyasams as much as possible in my lifetime. The higher order graces like being able to grasp and follow them, and the tallest order such as 24×7 Mahaperivaa smaranam will eventually and automatically follow … after all to hope is human 🙂

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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