Paintings by Shri Narayanan Bala

Shri Narayanan kindly sent me these paintings for posting. Thank you so much, sir. They all are extraordinarily great. Without His blessings, one can’t draw Him. You have all of His blessings…….

I am giving his email content here….

Dear Mr.Mahesh,

In continuation to my posting on your blog, I am attaching some photos of my paintings. The second one is actually, three paintings,( photographed together), done at the behest of Mr.Bharaneetharan, who wanted these three paintings to be hung in the Seshadhri Swamigal memorial in Cinna Kanchi, behind Sri Varadharaja Perumal Koil.

I will post some more later.


narayanan bala []

















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  1. We are all really blessed to view the paintings of Our Maha PeriyaVal with Seshadhri swamigal and RamanaMaharshigal..May our three PeriyaVal bless shri Narayanan to paint more and more pictures in the near future.Our Pranams to all devotees of Maha PeriyaVa.

  2. fantastic collection of paintings done

  3. Really fantastic job!!! Good ones!!! God bless u!!!

  4. Every painting looks as though one is standing in front of Maha Periyavaa. Great Work. May Maha Periyavaa be pleased and bless this Painter.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us for a Good Darshan on this Auspicious Day!

  6. Simply incredible. Shankara.

  7. out of the world paintings!!!!! I find no words to express…….Absolute treasures!!!!!

  8. great job!!!!!!!!

  9. We are all blessed to see Maha periava pictures.Please share if you have any more

  10. absolutely great

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