Short story on a frog and Lord Rama

One day in the forest, Lord Rama was standing with his bow rested on the ground and talking to his brother Lord Lakshmana. After some time Lakshmana noticed that Rama’s bow was rested on a frog and it was struggling to survive. Rama took the frog and asked, “Why didn’t you speak up when you were in pain?”. Frog, a self-realized soul, replied “when others hurt me, I call your name “rama rama” – but here it is you giving me the pain – who else can I call? So I accepted this pain as a blessing.” . What a profound wisdom!

Same way, Bhismar was already a great mahan. If he had wanted, he could have made the pain from the arrows to go away with his powers. Sri Appaya Dikshithar suffered from a severe pain a lot. Every day, when He did Shiva puja, He transferred the pain to a dharbai and get it back after the puja was over.  We have heard 100s of incidents similar to this about our Mahaperiyava. Bagawan Ramana had cancer….

All these mahans never gave importance to their sareera and hence the pain does not even affect them in any way. They enjoyed the pain as that is also a part of Iswara prasadam….It isn’t a short story – rather a reminder that both suha/dhukka are related to our mind and body and not to our soul – so let us not get depressed when we face a tough situation – it is all His wish…

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away I love seeing


  2. All sufferings can affect our body only,Man suffer and he felt the pain only through the body.Body is the media to feel the pleasure and pain.Our soul never show any affection to this body.This body is made out of five elements only.As long as the Jeeva is in the body we feel we are the supreme and no body has the right to question us,forgetting one fine morning the jeeva or soul will leave us even without a bye to us.This is turning point one has to think about himself and begin to think”Who am I”,if you are the body,the body is there with out life,this body get every respect when the body is very much associated with the life/soul.As soon as the life left the body, the person who ever he may be automatically become a Savam.Those who associate with you very long years take immediate step to Cremate or bury the body.Here you very well understand actually you are not loving the body but the body very well associate with GOD in the form of Jeeva to the body is your actual friend.When you have strength,money and power try to do good things as much as possible,Only your good and hard work done by you to people will speak for you.we should develop a faith in depth,GOD will never put you in lurch ,He will take care of you,because he is Antharyami to every person.Here the Frog has the faith,that is why the frog even ready to suffer the pain.All our good work to the people and society will never go as a waste,each and every good work will bounce back as Gods gift.Have the faith,ie unflinched faith is a must.

  3. This reminds me of Kunti’s prayer to Sri Krishna “Please give me pain and sorrow from time to time then only i shall re,ember you otherwise if i am happy, i may forget you”. It is really true. We remember gods only in our troubled time.

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