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  1. Thanks a million for the person who shared this article.

  2. There is no words express our sincere thanks to the blog lot of confusion is going on which date the
    samaveda upakarma to be performed and contents can be given to download as given by u for other vedas /gayatri japam/ sandhyavandhanam…………etc.

  3. Hari Om,
    A very beautiful presentation which has come to us through this mahan.Yes we all have to do the veda samrakshanam without fail. Each one os us do either shravanam or mananam of the veda puranas .Let us follow the teachings of bagavan

  4. Beautiful explanation of Avani Avittam useful for the present day youth who always want to reason out anything and every thing.

  5. Thanks a ton Mahesh.

  6. This is not only an article,if we think deeper on it,we will automatically understand the greatness of our Acharyals words on this subject,.It is our minimum duty to offer our Humble pranams at the lotus feet of VedaVyasa and our Great Paramacharayal Poojya sri.Chandrasekharendrasarasvathi sankaracharya swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.

  7. Very nice information. Let your service continue. Best wishes on this auspicious day of Avani Avittam. Let VedaVyasar and Sri Maha Periava bless all.

  8. Excellent Article! Let your service continue for long! Best Wishes

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