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  1. We can’t explain so many things;. Beyond words; but we can feel;

  2. maha periavayuku anega kodi namaskarangal
    enga kudumbathil maha perivavin anugrgam niraya.
    solli kondu pogalam

  3. today i see the z tamil tv thivathin kral yesterday told naraneyiam one slogam is there that told no diseases then today watch no slogam then i see the internet periyava giving slogam 4 lines slogam i very impressed because what i think and search that god giving there i am so happy please pray to rajeswari nursing post waiting 40 year single parents one daughter S. naveena sre she studied 9 please pray to child and my parents and brother family also thanks your prayer 9941257063

  4. Dear brothers Ashwin & Umamaheswaran Iyer, if u happen to read my this comment:;:: I understand your eagerness to know about the above incident, written in tamil. let me write gist of that. An elderly couple came to have darshan of Mahaperiyava as they did not hv any children , they did not hv any taste in life. Mahaperiyava asked them to wait for a while. One lady came with a girl telling the Mahan that she could not get her daughter married because of poverty. The holy sage called the elderly couple telling them to get this girl married in a grand manner with a suitable boy. He showed his two fingers and they understood the meaning. The elderly lady was his 2nd wife. Periyava asked what about the child u begot from the first wife. The elderly man was perplexed and confessed that because of the second wife that girl left home and could not be traced. The Mahan told this girl is your real daughter and you both have to do Kanyadhanam. Upon ascertaining from the lady they came to know that the girl was not born to them, whom they saw alone in a railway station and grew her up as own daughter. ( Glory to the one who came to the rescue and also glory to those who surrendered to Him: Again and again glory to that all knowing Mahaperiyava.)

    • Dear Venkateswaran Sir,

      Thank you so much for your time and for your effort in translating the article. It is a wonderful incident in the life of Maha Periyava, which made for great reading. And I had the opportunity to read this thanks to you and the grace of Maha Periyava.

      Best regards,

  5. i do not able to read tamil language as i have studied in malayalam in kerala. I will have to take a help of somebody.
    Mahesh iyer

  6. amazing . Maha Periava even today lives in my Relative’s house in Sookchama saarira. He gives darshan daily to my Guruji fondly called by many as Meenakshi Mama.He has given darshan to many who came to his house.yes this is 100% true, i do not bluff.

    • Namaskarams to Maha Periyava and all his devotees too. When I read that he is sookshma sareera my hairs stood on end. Where is this place please. I am in Bangalore and 64 years old and a heart patient. I had the good fortune of his darshan in my founder days. I painted a small picture of him and got his blessings. The painting for me is a treasure. Not of Professional quality. I want to be in his presence again. Please guide me.

  7. Rama
    Thank you so much for posting wonderful incidents,daily I go throgh them and get very emotional and ofcourse we are all blessed tobe Mahaperiyavas devotees.

  8. Blessed are the devotees.
    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  9. wow! can’t believe this. How blessed is this young lady.

  10. Thank you Mahesh for posting this wonderful heart-melting true incident. Every morning we listen through internet all devotional songs including Sathya sai bhajans. This morning I was reading this incident about Mahaperiyavaa while playing simultaneously Sathya Sai Bhajans. When I completed reading this, Sathya Sai Baba’s song in his own voice was playing in the speaker. The Song : “Shivaaya Parameshwaraaya Chandrasekaraaya Nama Om, Bhavaaya Guna Sambhavaaya Siva Thaandavaaya Nama OM.” I want to share this rare coincidence with all. We are all indeed Blessed by Paramachaarya Himself to want to be His Devotees. (Unless He accepts one as His Devotee how can we call ourselves to be His Devotee? – Am I right?)

  11. Dear Mahesh,
    I am very interested in the posts on Paramacharya Kanchi Mahaperiyava. However, I do not know to read or write Tamil, and since most of the posts are in Tamil, I am not able to understand the content of such posts. Would it be possible to have the English translation along with the posts? Thank you very much for your efforts in sharing these priceless incidents and miracles of Paramacharya Kanchi Mahaperiyava!

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