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  1. All the photos of our Periyaval ,what showing us is only this in our life what we should carry out is only this much,if you carry on this in your life,you are the emperor of peace in this world ‘Simple living and high thinking is a must for our life.Those who always go after wants one after another never find peace in there life. Rich in thoughts and knowledge,and share them with others.This was our Periyava done in his entire life.

  2. Dear all followers of spiritual path,Never try to deiviate from the path of compassion,ahimsa,bakthi echoed by our
    maha periyavas from time immemorial.Don’t wear silk,leather,eat cakes etc.Don’t cite any reason for doing so which will
    never be heard by god.God will not grace these souls amidst their numerous prayers.Reason god could not be seen as for
    as our bad karmas block our soul’s/mind’s perception.Don’t see god as photo,body oriented,idol oriented but see god as
    they are.If we harm others why should we see god?.God is only for noble thinking/doing.One thing no one should forget is that no one can shift blame over others for doing wrong.
    If we wear leather etc upon pursuasion by others we have to bear the consequences. We can not cite that person to
    undergo ordeals on our behalf.Don’t hurt other’s feelings if it is right.Every soul is god’s creation.Don’t ever be proud
    about our noble doings because that is being done by god themselves.Man can own only bad karmas which can’t be
    transferred.The main motto of worshipping god is to be with them in their logams,never come to earth to experience bad

  3. hari om,
    my pranams to this mahan

  4. Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.
    Maha Periyaval Thiruvadigal Saranam.

  5. Embodiment of simplicity

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