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  1. Really Blessed…. no other words to express

  2. There will be no other comment than our Periyavals on this.Mamakaram is the first stepping stone to “MandaiGanam and that feeling lead us to fall in to ” AHANGARAM “, this feeling never allow any other persons reasonable advise to our pitfalls and problems and take us to very deep pit of total ignorence.

  3. Can there be any further comments to what His Holiness has said.Just take it into your heart and obey.The very thought of Mahaswamy is Blissful.

  4. Namaskaram Shri Mahesh….Thanks for helping peoples like us to know about periyava….I saw this wallpaper in sakthivikatan way back June/July….since that time, this has been my desktop wallpaper both at home and at work…..when i switch on my system at home and at work….i go through those words…and pray periyava to bless me to be humble at human beings…..mahaperiyava thiruvadi saranam…jaya jaya sankara….hara sankara…

  5. what a profound truth told in simplest words

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