Dr Swamy meets President Obama

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The Janata Party President Dr. Subramanian  Swamy met President Barack Obama today at a dinner and exchanged views with him. The dinner was hosted for an exclusive group by philanthropist couple Earl and Amanda Stafford at McLean Virginia in his estate. Dr. Swamy had a brief one to one meeting with Mr. Obama who asked him to convey his regards to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He told Dr. Swamy that in his second term he looked forward to working closely with India. Dr. Swamy is presently on a lecture tour of US.

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  1. Let us Pray Bharath Matha to bless Swamy to lead this country for a better tomarrow. Politics of this country is now with terrorist and separatists..This is the sad part of our Independence that we gained in the year 1947 August 15.Many indians are now a days refugee in there own country.Kashmire Hindus are driven out from Kashmir and are all struggle to lead a common life like many others in there own country. India need a leader like many more swamys, many more Anna Hazares in this country.If those people are not here many politicians of this country shift the Nasic press to some other country to serve us.Jai Bharth.

  2. I have always wondered the boldness which dr.swamy exhibited many times in his carrier. Later i have come to know that he derives this strength from his association with sage of Kanchi. I admire Dr.swamy’s work. My support to this leader.

  3. Attended Dr Swamy,s lectures and may nadamadum Kamakshi Acharyals bless this Virat Hindu . He is a Hindu – uniting Hindus which is what Periyava always wanted and it is most appropriate that a devotee like Dr. Swamy be featured in this blog- this is prathyaksha anugraham of Periyava guiding us and needless to says genertions later devotees will be reading about the apara karuna periyava showered on all who worked with Dr.Swamy and worked to bring about Hindu awakening. Jaya jaya Shankara.

  4. Dear Mahesh,
    Kindly refrain from posting political related info in this website;

    • Dear Sri Saghavan ,

      I hate politicians too. However I consider Dr Swamy as one of the staunch devotees of Mahaperiyava first. Secondly, I consider Dr Swamy as one of the pillars to fight against anti-Hinduism forces, selflessly. He deserves every respect from these two regards. Lastly, without him, India would have been completely robbed by Sonia and co.There is no reason to see him as a politician. He is much more than a politician. I salute for all what he is doing. He truly deserves coverage in this blog. Let Mahaperiyava give him all the strengths and support to continue his fight against evil forces.

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