Periyava Brothers – shot at a coffee shop @Kumbakonam

HH Sivan Sir & HH Mahaperiyava….

Sorry for the poor photo quality – used my previous phone to capture this….The photo was kept in a very shaded area within the restaurant – didnt want to use my flash for this…used the natural lighting…If I find a better photo of the same, I will repost this…

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  2. I am a little confused after reading many postings. Is the periyava with Mahaperiaval is Annada Sivan? Or is he the real poorvashrma brother of Mahaperiyaval. Kindly clarify

  3. Our Pranams to all readers,they are all very fortunate to view great Acharyas in one platform.,My father who studied under Shri T.K.Sundaresaiyer at Tiruvannamalai ,my fathers name too is T.A.Sundaresaiyer, my father was introduced to Bhagavan Ramana Mahrshigal by this great teacher.My father Got the oppartunity to talk to Ramana Bhagavan,My fathers Question to Ramana Maharshigal was this,Whether Is it only enough for a person through namasankeerthan can attain moksha in his life.Bhagavan in his reply with a gentle smile “YES”,when my father come out of the hall,with tears in his eyes Shri T.K. Sun daresaIyer hugged my father and told him”Enna Periya Upadesha thai Vangedutayi da” My father passed on 12thMARCH 2011 AT THE AGE OF 95,HIS end was very peaceful,hearing the namasankeerthan of Shri Erode Raja mani Bhagavather from disc ie from morning 7am to 4pm with out any intruption and he closed his eyes at 5.10pm.He never wet his bed or stool in his bed.He drink only Holy Ganga jalam very recently before his passing away brought home by my uncle is given.What i want to say is only this the holy words of Ramanar and our Periyavals Upadesham to chant Vishnusahasranamam to my Grand father Shri Anantha krishnaIyer reach them at his last time without any intruption.I saw these both things personally in my life.I am very much greatful to shri V.Vedamurthy to remind my fathers Master Shri T.K. Sundaresaiyer. When ever my father used to say about Ramanar Shri T.K.Sundaresaiyer will surely come out of his mouth with great reverence.We are really blessed to have the dharshan of MahaPeriyava in our life.

  4. Mahaperiyava did not arrive alone. He brought together the entire shanmatham. His eldest brother’s name was Ganapathy. Mahaperiyava’s purvashrama name was Swaminathan. His first younger brother was Sambamurthy, and the next person, a younger sister, was called Lalitha. Next came Sadasivan, AKA, Sivan Sir, and the last brother was Krishnamurthy.

  5. BEautifully said Shri VEdamurthy. Shankara.

  6. SivanSir was a Yogi,incomparable in His own way.For days together,he will neither bathe nor eat,but He will remain as enthusiastic&active,as ever!SriVJRMama’s only son had the good fortune of serving Him for weeks.The Yogi never was ritualistic,but He used to enquire this youngster whether he had finished His Sandhyavandanam! That reminds me of one of my father’s dear colleagues&friends in the TiruvannamalaiMunicipalHighSchool,by name T.K.Sundaresa Iyer who was my class teacher also in my eighth class.His reputation as an authority on Bhagavan was reconised even during his lifetime.He used to be of servife to the Maharishi,by staying with Him for days together,frequently.On one morning,he requested permission to go home to perform his father’s ceremony.Bhagavan bade him stay with him for the day! Seeing this,another devotee told the Maharishi that he too would stay with Him on the day of his parent’s annual ceremony.’No’ was His answer-he was asked to go home to do it&then come to Him!We can never know these different parameters for different people-it is best to obey such Mahans without any reservation.Once,on my way to Kancheepuram,I had darshan of SivanSir-He asked me to convey His Pranams to Anna.When I conveyed them,Periyava asked me how did I come to knowSir.I told Him I owed it to SriAthma(lifelong Secretary to M.S.&T.S.).Periyava told me immediately that people flock to Him because He was a Matadhipati,but SivanSir”s devotees and admirers are more in number than His! I couldn’t suppress my smile,because I could understand both Anna&Thambi always reminded me of the MayaKrishna of our Puranas!Read SriS.GanesaSarma’s firstclass story of SivanSir’s life&times&you will appreciate my impression of Sir.I am as ordinary as an ordinary person could be,but Sir kept visiting me often!My wife&I called on Him one evening-I had my elder brother’s son’s wedding invitation with me-as my brother was no more,they had printed my name as one who invited,as per our Sampradayam.It was in the last week of April1990-his wedding was on May13,two days after MahaPeriyava’s VaiasakaAnusham on May11.PradoshamMama celebrated it on a grand scale from May01toMay11 with an Atirudram&Satachandi in the VGP Complex near the Collector’s office in Kancheepuram&at his instance,I stayed with him from April30to May11&reached home on the night of May11,after HisPradoshaDarsanam in Srimatam.We took the opportunity to place an Invitation at His Lotus feet also.I forgot all about the invitation extended to Sir-truth to say,I never expected Him to attend it.But as that nephew’s luck would have it,Sir came to bless the newly weds in perswon.SriPattuSastrigal was there-there was a big commotion when relatives&friends knew who the VIP was!Ladies in Madisar prevailed on Sir to eat-a big banana leaf was spread-they competed with each other in serving Him every item of the ‘madi samaiyal’,but lo&behold,He took barely a morsel of food&stayed on to converse with people there.SriAthma who had left,returned to see it all.
    When I told SriVJRMama how I enjoyed his narration of AngaraiPeriyava’s meetings with MahaPeriyava(Mahesh will take his place with Valmiki,Vyasa7SukhaBrahmam for his extraorinary service in this respect),Mama recalled what happened once when he accompanied AngfaraiPeriyava to Sir on an Amavasyai evening.When they reached Him,Sir who was tasting something bought from a hotel,was given to them also to eat.Mama did not know what to do.But AngaraiPeriyava advised him to take it as HisUcchishtaPrasdam,because,once touched by that Mahatma,it had become nothing less than a holy Prasadam.Mama obeyed,when he saw this point.
    I see I have taken up so much of your time.Forgive me,like the ‘dottage’of old age,it is part of my ‘anecdotage’!

  7. Is it possible to write something about Shri Sivan Sir ?

  8. Dear Mahesh,

    you have the divine blessings. Annadana Sivan! What a great man he was. Till yesterday I was imagining how he looked. What a wonderful photograph. We also see Sadasiva Brahmendral. Mahesh where do u live? May be one day I will see Mahesh Valamudan Vazga. Seerorgal Ummay ohonguvikattum.

    • Along with Maha Periyava, is his younger Poorvaashrama brother Sivan Sir, a great Mahatma.. Annadhaana Sivan is another great soul, famous for his Annadhanams at many functions including Mahamaham festivals at Kumbakonam. He is a contemporary of Maha SwamigaL. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara! Great photo, Mahesh. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Many rare things are all happening now a days in our life.This is one among that.The trinities photo of our Periyava,Sivan swamigal and sadha siva brahmendral in the background.the whole credit goes to our Mahesh only for sharing thes things with us.We pray Maha Periyava and other periyavals blessings shower on Sri Mahesh in plenty.

    • Dear Shri Muralikrishnan,

      Thanks for your blessings. Like Shivaraman says, if Periyava decides to come out via these photos/videos through my blog, it will happen. There is no credit for me in this exercise. I am grateful to have great readers like you in this blog…I hope Periyava will continue to motivate me in continuing this….

  10. very rare and nice picture,Thanks for sharing.

  11. Mahesh, is this the one displayed in Hotel Archana. The shining point depicted in between both Mahaperiyava and Sar is Sri Sadashiva Brahmendral’s adhishtanam at Nerur.

  12. very rare photo. i am surprised to note that this was seen in a coffee shop? is it true?

    • If you go to any shop or restaurant in TN you will see a pic. Of Periava in one pose or other. The restaurant owner
      Should have got one from someone else .Doesn’t mean it was taken at the restaurant

  13. Clarity not bad as you say, Thanks a lot

  14. Divine darshan

  15. A rarest treat. thanks for sharing. BTW, can you throw some light on Sivan Sir’s book ? Jawahar

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