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  1. Am curious to know who the blessed people are who are with him.

  2. oh shri maha periyava, saranam your padam even if next birth, maha periyava saranam the word protect every and each evil things, save the world bless, bless, bless, suresh

  3. PUNNIYA BHOOMI enbhadarku idhu thaan arthamo – Bhagawan Maha Periyavaa Paadha Sparsam patta Bhoomi.

  4. God Walks the Earth.

  5. collector’s delight .. If we follow a little of his advise we would be a better human being .. simplicity personified ..

  6. Maha periya followed by orthodox bhaktas like barechest devotees, mamigal and pattigal……… Tradition and simplicity have their own charm.

  7. Nadamadum Divam…Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  8. Can there be a better picture. Sarveshwara.

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