Dr. Swamy’s tour of USA

Program & Venue

Dates: July 19th to 24th – New York/ New Jersey Area

20th July 2012 – 6:30pm to 9pm –

Talk on ‘The Chankya Connection.. Its Global Value’ at

Hindu Unity Day, New Jersey. Venue:

  • SRI KRISHNA VRUNDAVAN TEMPLE, 215 May street, Edison NJ USA 08837
  • 21st July – 5pm to 7pm – Talk on “Globalization of Hindu Unity” at Hindu Unity Day New York. Venue:Hindu Temple Society of North America, 45-57 Bowne Street, Flushing, NY 11355
  • 22nd July – 2pm to 5pm – Talk on “India’s Anti Corruption Movement & Social Economic Culture”. Venue: Crowne Plaza, 2345 W Marlton Pike (RT.70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
  • 23rd July – 12 Noon to 1:30pm – Talk on “USA CHINA – Financial Architecture, its Global Impact”. Venue: McDonnel Hall Auditorium A01, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Dates: July 24th to 26th – Houston Area
  • 25th July – 6pm to 9pm – Talk on “Taking on the Corruption Bull by the Horn“. Venue:VPSS – Vallabh Hall 11715 Bellfort Village Dr. Houston, TX 77031

Dates: July 19th to 24th – Chicagoland Area

28th July & 29th July 2012 – TBD – Talk on “Globalization of Hindu Unity” –  Venue: Aurora & Lemont Temple

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  1. All reforms start with the individual. If everyone of us reform, the world will automatically reform. May Maha Periyava give us the strength and realise and reform ourselves.

  2. Unity among Indian Hindus is a must,now a days Hindus are highly segregated on cast/Jathi names.Each cast has its own leader and there own Agenda.Once in Tamil nadu every one attack Brahmis for the calamity,now brahmins are not in the field,now who is doing the mischief.Only when we Hindus united under one banner ,then only we can uphold our prestige.Now various political party try to persuvade more people to there organisation only under cast basis in a disguised way.Brahmins and all other cast people come together and sit and discuss under a roof to iron out the differences,then only the present problem will be solved in toto. Any way for progress and safety of this country HINDU UNITY IS A MUST. Work for it,that golden day will come soon.

  3. I agree with Mr.Venkataramanan about the embarkation on Unity amongst Hindus is foremost in our Motherland and this has to be introduced right from the primary level, in order to build up a strong foundation ,which will stand future upheavals.

  4. Before taking the Globalization of Hindu Unity to foreign shores ,it would have been better if we work to stabilize it in India by having course in Colleges/universities etc and then grow to go Global.This is the first basic which we all are forgetting till date–VENKATARAMANAN

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