Ghatam Sri Vikku Vinayakaram recalls his experience

Ghatam vidhwan Vikku vinayakaram mama recalls his experiences with Mahaperiyava and Pradosham mama. It will be surprising for many to know that Vikku mama is the cousin brother of Pradosham mama.

Highlights of the video:

* Mahaperiyava’s upadesham to Vikku mama on sankara jayanthi day

* Difference between ‘Award’ and ‘Virudhu’ as explained by Periyava

* Respect for Pancha kacham and hindu tradition in Grammy award function

* A glimpse of Pradosham mama’s bakthi and devotion for Periava

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  1. Dear Mahesh,

    Since the comments have been moderated/closed in your recent post on Carnatic Music and Musicians, I am posting it here.

    I believe you don’t doubt Vikku Vinayakram Mama’s Bhakthi to MahaPeriyava and our Dharma.
    Last month, he did a program with TMK at the Afghan Church, Bombay to promote religious harmony. He wore Mahaperiyavaa batch while participating at that event. Will you boycott him too?
    Please listen to this Carnatic Music to understand why Music doesn’t have religion. That’s the truth.

    I commented yesterday that you should consider not to use this divine-temple-blog to encourage any hatred towards musicians in the name of boycott. I am a regular visitor of this blog and taken by a surprise by the language, arrogance( referring to “who is powerful?”). Nobody is less or more powerful in Advaita Vedanta. God is one and omni-present.

    If you had any humility, you would have posted an appeal to all the musicians in a humble manner not to use the exact music compositions of Tyagaraja Krithis on Rama but they should try to compose new music.Please consider to delete that blog post also as this blog and you should not be dragged into any controversy as this issue may further grow considering the polarized political environment in TN.

    I understand as a fellow Dharmic person, these issues concern us. But, our Dharma always expects us not to show any Krodha(anger/hatred) in any form towards anyone. The best thing is to sit and pray to Mahaperiyavar to ensure that these issues are addressed amicably, if you unconditional believe in him.

    Periyava Charanam

    • You know nothing about me – seriously. That’s ok….Vinayaragam mama’s brother is someone I consider as my manaseeka guru for Periyava bakthi. I have loads and loads of respect for Vinayaragam mama. You have not understood my point. Let me explain. We are living in 21st century where we live and breath freedom of everything – speech, thinking, action etc. If music artists are singing for other religion, that is quite common – nothing unusual – happening for a long time. People have composed songs and singing everywhere…it is all fine. However, I have a problem (apparently you aren’t) when people steal our property and do plagiarism. Dr Balamuralikrishna composed a song on Jayalalitha. I felt that it was the most stupidest thing to do. But who am I say that? He likes her – he is composing a song and sang to make her happy. He did not take “kanchadayalakshi” annd changed the word from Kamakshi to jayalalitha. These churches have copied each and every of our things. Is that bad? No. It is perfectly fine. What is not fine is using the same song, same tune, same words – just swap few words here and there and use it….We need to think where they’re using for – just to convert our own folks Don’t bring the advaita here – makes no sense. if you believe in advaita, have you taken any steps to question churches on why they’re converting? All gods are same, right? So, why convert?

      About the youtube link you’ve provided. I have no problem with that.

      In 70s Anandha vikatan editor came for Mahaperiyava darshan. Periyava asked him to remove the advertisements from a christian group that promotes conversion. Search the blog for this article – I am not sure if this was in Tamil or English. As Anandha Vikatan, they are running business – they put ad for whoever pays money. Still Periyava asked them to take that ad down. They did. Periyava also asked them not to promote any more of those ads. They listened for a long time. Now they have become as dirty as they could. Are you going to say that all gods are same and Periyava did not know enough advaita as much He should have? Why Periyava did not leave everything up to Iswara and sit in Kanchipuram and do his anushtanams. Pl explain this incident.

      Problem with all of us is “being quite” and leaving to Iswaran to take care of things. We have responsibilities and we should do.

      You have said that I don’t have humility and I am arrogant – that’s why I said you dont know me at all. Anyways, this is my blog – my personal blog. You can leave this blog if you dont like my attitude. Thank you for staying this long. I am just an ordinary individual and why do you give more importance to me and my views?


      • Dear Mahesh,

        Thanks for taking time to review the comment and reply in detail.

        The reason why I give importance to you (the you understand through this blog) and your views (expressed on this blog) is they influence the readers – the satsang. In that context, you aren’t an ordinary individual to this blog. As a responsible reader, I’m concerned about this divine-temple-blog and how Mahaperiyava is perceived by the internet generation. I didn’t mean you are an arrogant person. You are doing self-less service. I pray to Mahaperiyava most times to give you more energy to take this temple to many more levels. But, your blog post comes across as arrogant and the post shows hatred towards musicians discussed in the post. It is very easy for someone to take your blog post and quote in internet news and social media and polarize the issue as “Kanchi Mahaperiyavaa’s blog asks followers to boycott Musicians”. The media is waiting for such sources to make things sensational. Why do we need to unnecessarily yield to such a provocation?

        I understand the concern here. If you really want to solve problems like this, the best is to first gather all facts through someone close to the issue and confirm from these Musicians what exactly is their position on it. If it is not possible, we need to be clear in what we are opposing. I understand the core message is:”Do not take music composition dedicated to Rama and other gods and change it to other gods -including Hindu gods”. But, when we say boycott, protest etc., people go mad.The problem with protests in India on issues like this is it creates a modern day mob mindset. People who are not even clear about the issue start making rumors and eventually defame the individual, their families and go even to any lowest level possible. They will not stop there. They will abuse and protest at sabhas and ordinary music lovers who go and attend most music shows. There are people backed by politicians who have a daytime work to do this simply to earn political mileage.

        In the past whenever people faced a moral or ethical dilemma, they prayed it to Mahaperiyava. He had the respect and authority to deal issues like this. In the Ananda Vikatan example, he did not ask people to boycott Ananda Vikatan (I assume). He guided them in the right path, eventually. So, ideal solution is to issue a prayer note to Periyava in the most humble way and seek their guidance to approach this.

        I’m sure with your corporate management experience and Mahaperiyava’s Bhakthi, you will be able to approach this issue in a different and composed way – if I may suggest. Whenever you get angry at issues like this, please try praying in front of Mahaperiyava and be patient in expressing your opinion on a Satsang like this.

        I will continue to be an eternal reader of this blog. Take care!

        Periyava Charanam.

      • Dear Mahesh,

        I read your latest update. I pray to Mahaperiyava to guide them in the right path.
        I will make efforts to send the Ananda Vikatan blog article to them somehow.

        Mahaperiyava Padham Sharanam!

  2. While watching this video i really felt something happening inside me. Kaliyugathin kankanda deivathai romba late a purinjindathu periya papam. AAnalum ippo therinjindu anubavikaarathu evvalvu periya punyam nu.

    Meena Sridharbalan
    [Gurgaon N. Gurumurthy’s wife’s sister from Detroit. Mi.USA]

  3. So beautiful Shri Mahesh. Thanks a ton to you, Shri Shivaraman and Shri Ganesa Sharma. Shankara.

  4. The experience of Vidwan Shri Vikku Vinayakaram was astonishing and established True Bakthi will always bring fruit.

    Maha Periyava bless one and all irrespective of caste or creed.His holiness never discriminate poor & rich.

    His prayer was for Universal Peace & Harmony..

    His noble acts & advices are etched deeply in to the minds of his devotees.

    Hara Hara Sankara ,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    Maha Periyaval Thiruvadikku Saranam.

  5. One of the best interviews and to listen to the great experiences from Shri Vinayakram Mama. I could not stop crying when I listened to his experienece of Maha Periyava having a Ghatam ready for him in Greece after 20+ years when he needed one! As Vinayakram says we think in prsent tmes but Maha Periyava knows what is going to happen in the future!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!


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