Experience of Sri Shankaran and his son Brahmasri ‘Gani’

Sri Shankaran mama had given all his five sons to veda – may be very easy to read this in one liner but it is a lot difficult. Due to his age, the conversations are harder to follow – at least for me. Good one..

Never imagined a scenario where Periyava is told about miracles done by other saints and His reaction to them!! Don’t miss.

Made Sri Shankaran mama walk all the way to Kanchipuram – for what?

How his son’s wedding location was changed, changed and changed again?!!!

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  1. Very moved by this interview. The sharpness of Shankaran mama’s mind is amazing.

  2. Really great,even at this age mama performed very well.The incident of periyava pouring water to the lamp to continue its burning prove our Periyava is Lord Sampa Parameswara only .His grace is very bold and infinite .Hara Hara sankara Jaya Jaya sankara.

  3. So beautiful.

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