Final update on 2012 Veda Rakshana Drive

Dear Readers,

Its been a very busy days/months at work that prevented me from being active in the blog. It still continues to be the same way. However, I owe you all an update on 2012 veda rakshana drive. It took a while to complete all the accounting formalities here before the funds were transferred to India. On top of that the bank took its sweet time to transfers. Finally a total of Rs 4,31,865.00 is  now in the bank in India. Here is the summary::

  • Rs 1,91,724.00 – Total amount collected from all India and non-USA donors
  • Rs 2,40,141.00 – All US/Canada donors ($ 4035.00 @ Rs 55.16/$)

I have requested our friends in India to put this amount in a fixed deposit so that the interest accrued will be given to the patasala.

I will continue to keep you all updated on this topic. For security reasons, I am not posting the image of the FD certificate etc on the web. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about this fund, please feel free to contact me.

With all your help and with the blessings of Jagadguru Mahaperiyava, this drive comes to an end. This amount, although in the bank, in my opinion is surrendered at the holy feet of Mahaperiyava.

Let the grace of our Periyava shower upon all the donors and their families for contributing for this cause.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Respected Sir,
    By the blessings of SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVA the trust should continue to collect money, also in the abroad particularily there are many temples in USA, where this infromation should reach, so that NRI who are interested can participate.
    Kindly can you give me the address and name which favour the money to be sent for the TRUST.

    Suthakar T Iyer

  2. Friends,
    The amount collected show that many people are interested in VedaRakshana.
    I suggest that if people are interested to continue the contribution it must be welcome. So, you may keep the account open for continuation of the contribution. Some of the suggestion by Murali is welcome. But we must ensure the activity should not be too broad. It may become unwieldy to manage. The activity must be restricted to its initial objective.; veda rakshana thro reviving vedapatashala.

    Regards to Mahesh and his team

    May Mahaperiaval bless you all.


    • dear Sri Chandrasekharanji,


      This has reference to your point that the exercise mustn’t become unwieldy. While I agree with that we also need to see how the activity can be made self sustaining.

      Mr. Mahesh expressed three difficulties, over a period of time.

      1. Lack of time to co-ordinate etc. He being in the US and lack of man power here to manage affairs on a day to day basis. Hence the general acceptance to of adopting a given patashala and freeing our self of the admin work.
      2. Lack of funds. Hence a suggestion to make a monthly contribution from interested friends. Plus a membership drive to get them more involved through related activities near the patasala which in turn can result in them feeling good and hence a more willing man power becoming available to get a few things done.
      3. Lack of students. Hence a suggestion to bring in academic studies, an offer to sponsor higher academic studies well in the future, a proper syllabus, certificate, ID card and other financial incentives (like a PF – pension – health insurance contribution etc.) These can be passed to the patasala while informally discussing.

      Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

      • Dear Murali,

        I appreciate your ideas and fully agree. Do let me know how can I help you in this.

        I can do : 1. Try to get more contributors. Monthly contribution may be made by those who can afford what ever be the amount that can be accepted.

        Regarding suggestion to bring in academic studies, an offer to sponsor higher academic studies well in the future, a proper syllabus, certificate, ID card and other financial incentives (like a PF – pension – health insurance contribution etc.) These can be passed to the patasala while informally discussing. This is a good suggestion. If this can be implemented. It is good. But may require large corpus. Do it please.

        Muyarchi Tiruvinayakkum.



  3. Dear Mahesh,

    Your have started a great work. I am sure with Maha Periava’s blessings this effort grow into big a Banyan Tree.

    In your first mail on the subject you have mentioned a requirement of about Rs.6,00,000/= a year to run a patasala reasonably. We had then about 600 followers of this page. You suggested Rs.1000/- per person. A nominal sum for anyone these days. I liked the idea because it was exactly in Maha Periyava style, each person contributing a small amount which will keep the EGO away from all of us of having DONE it. Now after almost six months the number of people following this blog has swollen to around 800. Of course there will be persons who may not be in a position to contribute. There will be those already contributing elsewhere. There will be those who are non-believers too who follow for the sake of knowledge alone.

    However, I see the amount has not reached the target amount. Hence it is good idea to keep it as a Fixed Deposit and adopt a deserving (needy) Patasala. We can continue this effort my asking people here to contribute say a sum of Rs.1000/- or Rs.500/- a month towards this cause so that the corpus improves. Currently the interest paid by the banks is reasonable. However it may change. Besides, over the years the costs will go up. Hence if we have a perennial source of fund and committed solders on a monthly basis rather than a yearly basis it will be better to have their greater attachment, remembrance and involvement. To avoid burden at your end you can indicate a particular bank account and people can initiate an ECS mandate or pay into the account as and when they can.

    Besides, all Patasaalas can attempt to teach the interested house holder’s a few standard vedic subjects for a fee. The subjects can be Sandhya Vandanam, Various Sahsra Namams, Rudram Chamakams, Sukthams, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Narayaneeyams etc, The list is endless. There will be someone attached to these patasalas who can easily do this.
    We can also arrange upanysams etc on a regular basis. A membership fee can be fixed and allowing only members to attend. We can also attempt to sell to members books on religious subjects. If the right effort is put a margin of over 25% can be obtained from the publishers and we can offer the members a 10% discount as an incentive to buy from the school.

    Secondly and most importantly as you have rightly pointed out, we need to have sufficient students coming to the Patasalas. It is due to two reasons. One is general lack of respect shown by community at large and brahmin families in particular to sastrigal (vedic scholars) Second is the lack a guaranteed system where in there is study income after they complete a course. We need to address this also in a professional way.

    Persons with the knowledge can respond here with the entire syllabus of a Veda Patasala and details about exams, cert. etc. Perhaps an issuance of a photo ID card to the students completing a certain level of study can also be attempted. This will bring in more respectability. I see in various other blogs people lamenting that they are unsure about their Vadhyar’s knowledge. (they are not so much bothered about their own knowledge level for their profession, though!)

    The vedic schools can also teach other regular subjects make the students sit for the board exams as well. I am sure if the right effort is put one can find retired teachers willing to support this cause free of salary the locality of at least the patasala in the urban locality. Deserving students’ higher studies can also be sponsored.

    warm regards


  4. I thank Mahesh, Chandramouli and others who got this idea of vedapatashala maintenance. Contributing money is of less importance when compared with the activity itself. I thank all those good men who have made possible for me to contribute in a very very small way to do what mahaperival wanted us to do. Without you people I could have done nothing at all towards what HE wanted us to do.


  5. Dear Mahesh,Greetings, I am very much proud of you,what you are now doing is a wonderful Job. If my father is alive he will personally write a letter admiring your service. My father used to say Veda is the breath of GOD.We cannot fix a date for., Vedas originate in the year and its authors are so and so and the date is this, .Veda pandithas numbers are coming down,our Acharya once said many branches of Rig,Yajur,Sama and Atharvanavedas are already lost for ever,it is our minimum duty to safeguard the existing Vedas from total ruin.Those who can help Vedas resurgence by donating there hard earned money.By donating money for this cause there sin will be removed and the punya will be added up to the devotees. Any body can donate amount for safe guarding Vedas from its ruin…but the only thing is the money donated for safeguarding Veda should be from the right source.That is all.Then only The blessings of our PeriyaVa will reach them in plenty.”Bank Account number,with banks name”will help many devotees to co-operate” “kindly also understand from the Auditors how to proceed further to get tax benefit for people who want it for there record”,I can also co-operate with this mission to donate an amount to my capacity and receive the blessings our MahaPeriyaVal.

  6. Dear Mahesh, My wishes to your mission on furthering the values of Vedas through your Patashala project. I wish you a grand success. I am looking to start one in my native village at Tirunelveli District. Can you guide me how to set up one and bring pupils to learn vedas. The problem is acute shortage of brahmin families in villages. They are commonly found in urban and metro cities. There can not be a better feeling to learn up vedas in one’s native village environment where one’s ancestors had lived, worshiped and departed from. The vibrations from one’s native lands can not be compared to anywhere else no matter how grandly or effectively you may do. I hope God would give me strength and resources to make a humble beginning. Hara Hara Shankara… Jaya Jaya Shankara !.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your wishes. It is great to see you planning to start one at your place. Based on what I see, more than increasing the patasala, we need to increase the students coming to existing patasala. I see that as a problem. There is no great solution to that problem. If you know some interested children, please see the possibilities of diverting them to existing ones. On this matter, I would direct you to talk to Shri Chandramouli ((994) 008-0033) as he is closely working in your area and can guide you properly on this topic.

  7. Nameskaram

    Still we would able to donote this noble cause. Please provide the link for the payment.

  8. Very good job done by you Sir for Patasala. Veda Rakshana is very necessary in this days and you have done very good planning for that. Jaya Jaya Shankara. Hara Hara Shankara.

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