Experience of Smt Satanur Ganapadigal


BrahmaSri Satanur Ganapadigal is one of the authorities in Yajur Veda. For a very long time, he was part of – not sure if he still does – mutt’s evaluation committee conducting final exams on vedic students. I had a great opportunity to see him in a vedic event in my last trip to India.

His wife talks about how her daughterly relationship with matam.

Highlights are::

  • Attai Poochi story – before we feel proud of blood donation, we should hear this story!
  • Entire day of Periyava’s personal support to the cow for her safe delivery – lucky soul!!
  • Her father gave all her four daughters to vaideekas as directed by Mahaperiyava.


Brahmasri Satanur Ganapadigal

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  1. kodthu vaitha aathmakkal! Jaya Jaya sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

  2. Shankara…so beautiful.

  3. Dear All,
    Has anyone got Ashtothra namavali of Maha Periava. It will be useful for me for Anusha nakshatra pooja.

    • go to http://www.maharudram.net and click on downloads page….it has all guru related namavalis…..

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

      • I heard recently from Sri. Indira soundarrajan, talk about Periava in podhigai TV, in you tube that he read an excellent book of Paramacharya and his miracles written by Sri. Parandhaman.
        I was searching so much to locate the book,but till now I could not find it. Does anyone know about that book ? Kindly help me with the title and if it is available online, with the link to download.. Kindly provide the details of any other books which you have read and please help me with the links..I really extend my hearty wishes and thanks for the excellent videos and articles on our periava..by Sri.Mahesh Krishnamoorthy. You are doing an excellent service and you are also blessed to do such a devoted service.. I feel really blessed to see Sathanur mami..i feel like I am watching my mother or someone very close to you.. Blessed soul..

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