Shri Vedamurthy shares his experience

Short but lively interview..Don’t miss it..Shri Vedamurthy seems to be a very happy and lively person..It is very pleasing to see him laughing and sharing very unique experiences……

  • Meaning of மக்கள் குரலே மகேசன் குரல்  (Makkal Kurale makesan kural)
  • Ever thought of reversing the word “Mahadevan” and the meaning behind it?!
  • President RV’s bakthi
  • The only person in the world who knew the entire conversation between Periyava and Gandhi – as told by Him
  • Is it Ramajayam or Ramajeyam??? Periyava clarifies!
  • Can one celebrate Deepawali if there is a death in the family? Listen to what Periyava says!

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  1. any experience of periava should be full. i heard a speech by sri karuna at ayodhya mandapam today where he told an experience of periava. when periava visited kasi it appears those swamijis at kasi said that the word jagatguru should be omitted if HH was to be given a reception. HH said skip Kasi and the swamijis at kasi was shocked. when someone asked HH said those swamijis has not understood the meaning of jagatguru. they are thinking that jagadguru means guru of jagad it is not correct. it means jagad is the guru to everyone!!!those swamis at kasi was stunned and they invited HH and gave a rousing reception. when someone asked HH how he said Jagadguru means something He laughling said that he studied at Kumbakonam and it is in Thirupaavai!!!!! is it vaakchaturyam. only HH can explain as he Shiva himself. The bhakti of Vidyarthi and Srinivasan (a staunch srivaishnavite)of Reserve Bank is inexplicable.n.ramaswami

  2. Excellent and very nice .Vedamurthy’s mama experience need not be restriced to 29 mts video .Thanks for the video

  3. Having had lot of opportunities to visit H.H.Mahaperiava in close quarters and with lot of interactions with Him,Shri Vedamurthy mama’s sharing of experience with Mahaperiava was overdue.Besides KV’s pure heart,excellence in Spirituality and good command over English ,it is his simplicity that must have attracted Mahaperiava.Thanks for sharing his experience thru this video. May Mahaperiava’s benign blessings be bestowed on Shri KV & his family.

  4. Superb. Shri Vedamurthy is a blessed person. Though breathless due to age, may be, his transparent sincerity and laughter add to the great experiences he has had with Maha Periyava. Learnt that Sri Rama Jayam is the correct version. Namaskarams to Maha Periyava and to this great person. God bless him! thank you for this great video.

  5. Sarveshwara.

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