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I’ve never seen this picture before. Thanks to FB….If you take a minute to quietly absorb this photo and see through the condition of such places in India, you can tell that none other than Periyava can do this. This place is so-called well “cleaned up” place….Based on my knowledge Periyava never wanted to stay in any better place than this…This is real sanyasam. Even sanyasis in His days probably didn’t do this….We can’t expect anyone in today’s world to do this. Just because Periyava stayed, we do not have to attempt doing these 🙂 The least we can do is stop complaining about power cuts, heat, lack of air conditioner etc and create some tolerance. Let us honestly attempt to do this….

When I took my parents to Kasi about 4-5 years back, I visited our mutt in Kasi and the conditions of the rooms were beyond words…..When I asked the manager Shri Subramanaiam mama, he laughed and he told that when these rooms were built, Periyava considered them as luxury rooms and was very much opposed to give even this much “comforts”. As per Periyava mutt has to be poor, focus should be to address basic food, shelter needs and Kasi Viswanathar – nothing else. With lot of difficulty, they convinced Periyava to build such rooms. Kasi is one place that people should go in their lifetime – it will be an out of the world experience in all sense!!

Every time, I go for camping, I always think why we need more space than the tent. If you think, that is all you need. I read an article about an American software engineer in California, very rich guy – but chose to live in a minimalist fashion, living in one room (10×10) with a toilet. Thats it. He has no car, no other facilities – very interesting guy. He enjoys living that way – he says that he is able to connect with outer world lot better when you live with bare minimum. He is staying healthy as he has to walk to places etc…. His problem is different –  his girlfriend complains when she visits him over weekends 🙂

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  1. Our PeriyaVa oru NaAlum Adambharam Verumbhavillai,Avar Eppothume Padadopathayum virumbhavillai.He ever lives in the heart of the poor and admire every one who support it,He says No to Coffee,Varadakshinai, Curb your wants then,most of the present day problem will be solved. Not only rich food can solve our hungry Simple food such as Kanji made from sathu maVu can also solve our problem.Simple living and High thinking was the method of our Maha PeriyaVa.His kind heart go with the poor,all his past work when we watch very closely can understand it themselves.
    “SreeRama Jayam,


  2. Dear Mahesh,My wife is from Trichy Valady she is the daughter of Late Lakshminarayanaiyer,who is very much devoted to our MahaPeriyaVal,(ie VALADYPoochedyVeedu) He was an employee of Southern railways,,Iyer and Manakkal Narayana Sasthrigal used to visit Kanchipuram to have the Dharshan of MahaperiyaVa.My wife Janaki used to talk so much about our Acharyal and His Kindness to there family.They used to wake up every morning as if they are viewing the HOLIEST feet of our Acharyal. My grand father and my father are all a very staunch devotees of our Acharyal.That helped us very much to know the mutt and Acharyal.,My wife janaki says they know very well of this late Shri Raman ,Dalmiyapuram,who worked in Dalmiya Cements very much,His son Sundar now working at Pondicherry is very much known to us all. Thank you very much for refreshing all our thoughts once again from the memmory.PeriyaVa visited our house ie almost a century back perform Pooja .Thank you VeryMuch.We are now staying at Perumbavoor,ie a place hardly 7 kilometers from KALADY,the birth place of Adi SAnkara Bhagavath PadaAl.

  3. We are fortunate to have lived during HIS period and my grandfather who also got abathsanyasam from Periyavaa was closely associated with His holiness and was praised for his knowledge and addressed as LIBRARY since he will be able to refer any matter in a split second from the holy books and scriptures we have built one athistanam temple at sithamalli our native village in thanjavur district ,mannargudi, muthupettai road.

  4. It is out of world, in midst of crooks and the scandals in our country, if was a feast going through it. Lucky my parents could have Maha swamigals darshan.

  5. “Namakku yen Aadambaram”, said He. I always use this picture to inspire me when I am in the dumps. Hope it sparks that fire in everyone too, to experience Joy in Contentment. Shankara.

  6. No words to express the feeling on seeing the photo of Shri Periyava. Swamigaluku saranam.
    jaya jaya sankara!!! hara hara sankara!!!

  7. admire HIS simiplicity, Our Namaskarams to MAHA SWAMIGAL

    • Birth star of great saints like maha periyava definitely do sent out divine vibrations. Let us all fill our cups as much as possible.

  8. Mahaanaip paNivoom! Today is Vaikaasi Anusham! Maha PeriyavaaL ThiruvadigaLee PooRRi!

  9. Our Periyava cannot be replaced by any one in this world.His simplicity,His kindness to the poor is well known to this world.His knowledge to each subject is highly appreciated by the learned people of this country and abroad. up to his last breath He used only Khadi cloth for his use.His simplicity attracts many persons towards him.There is a Bhajan in Tamil on our Periyava”Kanchi Ma nagar poga vendum,Karunya murthiyi kana vendum……………..”clearly mention our periyava very much.Many Bhagavathas used to sing this song when they reach Guru keerthanai portion.Brahmashri Udayaloor Kalyana Rama Bhagavathar used to sing this song and also the late ManaKaal Venkatrama Bhagavathars master piece is this song.When i hear this song first at Valady Agraharam (Trichy-Very near to Lalgudi) RadhaKalyanam ,Myself and many others there attending the bhajan wept,and we offer our Manaseeka pranams to HIS HOLINESS KANCHI MAHA SWAMIGAL, this has happend very long back “.Hara Hara Sankara -Jaya jaya sankara,
    Kanchi Sankara- KamaKoti Sankara”

    • are you from Valadi? I am from dalmiapuram….one Shri Raman – we call him Valadi Raman use to work for Dalmia cements……my father knows him well as they were colleagues…..

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  10. Words are not adequate to describe his greatness and deeds. There won’t be another one like him at any time in the future.

  11. That is why we call Periyava as Periyava. He was a role model par excellence.We must ask for his blessings to follow what he has preached us (that is to follow our SwaDharma in our respective ashramas and not give up our cultural roots)

  12. This was posted by me in the Face Book – admiring/worshiping HIS Holiness simplicity when we all grumble about high temperature/.power cut etc. All of us need to learn from HIM to lead a simple life

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