119th Jayanthi of His Holiness Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji – 4 June 2012

Dear Readers,

As we all know today is 119th Jayanthi of our Mahaswami. On this great day, let us all pray Him for knowledge, health and guidance to advance us all in the spiritual journey…I have also posted some-what rare photos (I think!) to celebrate this great day!!!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


Periyava Rishihi



During some padha yathra –




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  1. dr.mahesh
    what is your email id? How can attach invitation in this website?

  2. Hi,
    Topic – Mahaperiyava mahimai

    Ganesa sharma discourse on mahaperiyava is taking place from 12.06.12 to 14.06.12 in mylapore,chennai – vasantha subbi chetty mandapam in solaiyappan street.Time – 6.30 to 8.30 – inform as many people possible in mylapore.


  3. I am truly blessed to see MahaPeriyava, I am one of those fortunate to see him personally. When I was 3 years old (Now I am nearly to my fifties), I was given my MahaPeriyava a lotus flower when I was rushing towards to with out any dress, he did not want me run over instead I held the flower and my mother ran towards me and took me before even I touch him. Still I remember that. I also celebrated in my house His Jayanthi — with my Guru and friends Chanting Rudhram — His is absolute Divine — He is equvalent to ADI Sankarar — amount of work he did to vedas — He is Lord Shankarar Himself. OM SRI CHANDRASEKARA BHAGAVAN SARANAM SARARAM

  4. These new pictures are absolutely stunning. Mahesh, we have not forgotten, video parts 2 and 3 are still awaited for His 100th year celebrations! Thanks a ton.

  5. I feel Blessed.reading about Periaval’s anniversary.Today i had a traumatic Day,really periaval has blessed us,as ifeel he says NAN I RUKIREN–Ravi

  6. On this mahaperiyava birthday let us pray for world peace. Let us pray for good health for all people. Let us pray for unity among communities and nations. Let us pray for pray also to ease the economic burden nation are facing due to which poor are suffering more.
    ஜய ஜய சங்கர
    ஹர ஹர சங்கர

  7. Dear all Divine lovers,

    I am sundaramsekar alias muthu rangarajan.My brother is sundaramravishankar.My wife is padmasekar.
    has been rewarded with a divine mangalasuthra by great saint OM SRI NEELAKANDA DIKSHITAR by
    the grace of OM SRI AYYAPPA.The lord appeared before him and commanded to give this to our mother
    because she has the hamsam of OM SRI MALIGAPURATHU AMMAN of SRI SABARIMALA,All those who were present on that occasion prostrated our parents irrespective of age.The saint blessed our parents an another son.
    Next year my brother has born.Wherever our mother went she was accorded a divine welcome.When she
    upasakar prostrated our mother at the amman sannadhi.As per our religious customs no one except
    divine saints can be prostrated in that manner.We have been experiencing divine/guru grace and sure
    that this will continue forever.


  8. மஹா பெரியவாளைப் போன்று இன்னொருவர் பிறப்பதென்பது இந்த கலியுகத்தில் நடக்குமா என்பது சந்தேகமே.

    ஜய ஜய சங்கர
    ஹர ஹர சங்கர
    காஞ்சி சங்கர காமகோடி சங்கர

  9. I have not seen GOD,but i saw GOD, through our Kanchi Maha Periyava ” PARABRAHMA VASTHU”, My Grand father Brahmashri Anantha Krishna Iyer used to say about our Acharyal and his experience meeting HiS HOLINESS, about 85 years back when he was working at” Chengam–Tiruvannamalai” in the north arcot dist My grand father lost his father at the age of 9, and he was performing Great grand fathers annual ceremoney from his young age.While periyava ask him about his knowledge in Vedas and sastras,my grand father told periyava,i dont have the opportunity to learn all these things but i am very regular in performing sandhyavandhanam,pitru kariyangal with out any fail.Then Periyava told my Thatha,learn Vishnu sahasranamam and chant it regularly.My grandfather just like an imposition,he write it a lot and memmorise it throughly.In his death bed he was chanting Sahasranamam and told all of us Lord Venkitachalapathy has come and told my father to perform Karpoora Harathy.after doing it he make a loud call SWAMEYE SARANAM AIYAPPA,Swami aiyappa is our Grama devatha. with a last word periyava saranam he merge with the infinite.PERIYAVA IS OUR Sarvaswam.

    • Dear Sri Muralikrishnan,

      It is nothing but Periyava’s sankalpa to make me wait for such a long time to hear this from you. I read this story in some tamil magazine long back. It had more details around the upadesam your grandfather received and how he practiced it and made it his only mission in life and make others do it etc….it really touched me. Since then I have been searching for that article so that I can share this with other readers and to my sons….I couldn’t find it..It seems like Periyava wanted me to wait to hear this directly from you.

      With your permission, I will publish this….

      Is it possible for you to send me some more details on this to mk.netid@gmail.com?


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