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  1. Maha Periava never went to Any politicians for help..They came to maha Periava dharshan, he was a Mahan or Living GOD. He was Adi Sankara’s avatar. But now after him there is no one like him to guide us.

  2. All politicians are the same to Maha PeriyavaL. He saw God in every one. If the politician. like all of us. understood Maha SwamigaL, they will do Sathkarma and get benefits. If they go astray, such karmas will accumulate and they would, like all of us, suffer from its effects. Nothing special about these.

  3. As far as The Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Sage is concerned both “Politician as well as a sarva sadarana man”are the same.Please understand one thing our Periyava or Kanchi Sankara mutt never approach any one for the benefit of a particular person or the Mutt. A single appeal from the mutt by our Periyava will be considered by the devotees with out any second thought.,but in certain case mutt can explain there position to the Government through certain devotees who are all in the politics too.That is also possible.Our Acharyal knows politics and the problem of the people very much,and he used to advise politician to consider the common mans problem first to keep the wolf out of the door”.Hara Hara Sankara–Jaya Jaya Sankara”

  4. Politicians are leaders of the people. Periyava is leader for all. So politicians visit Periyava. It needs a special mind to be in politics and convince people to elect them to represent them. Periyava many times send words to politicians to advise them. You and I might have visited His Holiness unless there was some divine will. Same works for politicians too.

  5. Shankara. He is like the Sun, shining *unconditionally* on everything and everyone, always.

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