Bangalore Sri Chandrasekharan’s experience with Paramacharya

Son of Pollachi Jayam Paati, shares his experience with Him. Amazing to note how Periyava talks in detail about cricket bowling – none would have thought of! Also listen to few miraculous incidents that saved him. Mrs Chandrasekharan explains the Suvasini Bikshavandhana going initiated by Him, which is running steady for 80+ years.

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  1. I have a request –
    Would it be Ok to contact Bangalore Sri Chandrasekharan Mama ?

    It’s regarding Suvasini Bikshavandhanam ? We are praying for Maha Periyava’s anugraham to participate.

    My email address for reference :

    Please help.

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    Hara Hara sankara Jaya Jaya sankara

  3. Part 1 — Experience of Shri Chandrasekhar, the only son of Vepatthur (Pollachi) Paati with Him

    What He wants to convey to me, I will understand effortessly. Others near me will not. Even His subtlest messages I could grasp. This was possible only due to His Mercy.

    About the countless folks who used to constantly pour their heart’s grief to Him, He used to say, “Let them tell Me; they have faith and trust in Me. That is why they tell Me.”

    In 1984 I was working for Bimetals, an Amalgamations group company in Jamshedpur. I used to regularly travel to Calcutta for meetings. During one of the visits I was staying in Kenilworth hotel in Calciuta. When I went inside the bathroom to attend my morning nature’s call, I was shocked to see the commode filled with blood. I airdashed to Madras in the afternoon flight in the same day.

    Amma immediately had already rushed to Kanchi to apprise Him of my health problems. The doctor started to diagnose my issue and doing thorough investigations. Amidst this treatment I took time off for half a day and went to Kanchi to have His darshan.

    He was sitting in the Goshaala. There was a calf near Him; it used to eat only apples would move its head away if bananas were offered! They had spoilt it like that!

    He called me closer, and gestured by pointing to His stomach in circles. He softly asked me, “Lot of blood?”

    From that day the blood started to decrease in my urine and gradually decreased! I still decided to take medicines for almost a year.

    It was His nature to rub His stomach gently if anyone came to Him with medical worries!

    I have seen Him right since my childhood, the earliest I recall seeing Him is when I was 6 or 7 years old. I always used to go to Matam during all my holidays when I was in school and college. All my vacations were spent with Him.

    Once I went to to have His darshan in Elayaathangudi when I was in my 2nd year in college. And the next day early morning before He commenced Poojas I told Him I was leaving.

    He asked me, “Wait, what is the hurry?!”

    Told Him, “I am playing in a cricket match tomorrow”.

    “Match? do you play for your college?”


    “Are you a bowler or batsman?”

    “Both”, I replied.

    “Are you a fast bowler or a spin bowler”?


    “Are you a opening bowler? Do you bowl with the new ball”?


    “Do you bowler inswingers or outswingers?”


    “Outswing means, you hold the seam of the ball upright and point it in the direction of first/second slips and bowl with this action, no?”, said the Sarveshwaran.

    He showed me the action and I was stunned!

    “Inswing means, the seam of the ball is pointed in the direction of leg slip and bowled with this action, no?”


    Has He ever watched cricket being played or Has he ever seen a cricket ball?!

    He took a class that day and eventually let me go!

    During one of my vacations I was getting ready to sleep. I used to sleep anywhere on the floor. I was trained like that by Him not to hanker for luxurious comfort sleep. This helps me even today. At that place there was a hall outside the pooja room.

    There were lots of desks for office staff in the hall. Since it was summer, I could not sleep on the temple floor as the ground was very hot. So, I decided to sleep in the hall between the desks, spread a towel and slept.

    It was around 10.30/11 in the night. All lights were off and it was silent. Suddenly I got up disturbed by light from a torch.

    As I strained my eyes to see what was going on I saw His silhouette. He was holding a torch on His left Hand along with His Dandam and a water pot in His right Hand.

    He said, “get up, come with Me”!

    “Here, take the torch”, said He.

    “Do you want to walk in the front or behind Me”, asked He.

    I replied, “as You wish”.

    “Ok, you come in back but show the light to the front of Me”.

    We went, I followed Him. It was a narrow path and We would have walked for almost 3 kms. He stopped at an Old Mandapam. There was a tank of water nearby.

    “Ok, sleep here”, said He!

    I slept in the floor of the Mandapam.

    In the morning I was woken by Him saying softly, “Shekar, get up. It is time to go!”

    It has three times like this. I am inexplicably stunned. Why He did this way, I am unable to fathom! Shankara.

    Once He advised me, “You know what you should do when you come to the Matam? Watch the Chandramouliswara Pooja, do a namaskaram to Them, do a namaskaram to Me also. And just leave. Do not keep loitering here and indulge in unnecessary gossip. If you look here and there, your Bhakthi will desert you!”

    I was trained like this that day itself. And this is what I do even today!


    To be continued..


    • Blessed are you. It will my privilege to connect with you. Also connect my father, who breathes Mahaperiyava all his life, with you. Kindly provide email contact, if you would.

  4. Dear MR. Chandrasekaran, Please pray for me and my family. All my jewelries were stolen from my apartment. Please pray Maha Periyava for me to get back all my belonging the thief took. My name is Padhma Nagarajan. Live in the US. If you need to contact me my email is given below.

  5. The Best. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Shankara. Amma.

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