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  1. Dear Shri A.R.Natarajan,Our Namaskarams to you.I saw your note while viewing Periyavas sketch.while turn towards comments portion,i read the matter about saving a sanskrit reserch institute,the only one Institute at present alive in Tamil Nadu.Kindly Shoot the Institute depicting all its Glory,the personalities who visited the institute to this date and its present condition,mention clearly The Institute need fund for its survival to help the society further in its mission.For this You can make use of SANKARA Tv.This is the only visual medium extend its helping hand.Please use it.Propaganda is a must .Once you Give a publicity in the sankara Tv, about ‘SANSKRIT RESERCH iNSTITUTE” more people living in india and abroad will surely come to the help of the Institute.Kindly Take steps,or at least inform about this to SankaraTv, Sanskar,etc. I am very sure best days are ahead for the Institute by the grace of Our MahaPeriyava HisHolines SRI SRI SRI Anantha SRI CHANDRA SEKHARAENDRA SARASWATHI MAHA SWAMIGAL.

  2. Very nice drawing of Maha Periyava.Dhaya and karunayam ever flowing from his eyes are clearly visible,Thanks.Kindly convey our kind words to the person who sketch this.

  3. Namaskaram sir – This blog is excellent.Can i get the download link for soundarya lahari en karyam by mahaperiyavam – not able to get it downloaded. My mail id is bharathirajesh3@gmail.com.

  4. While individuals may make one time contribution it will not suffice to sustain the institution for long.Sanskrit, being valued as most useful language for future learning and development of Software for computers and having the most ancient knowledge of all aspects of life including science, medicine , astronomy, astrology, Yoga and Spiritual Science. etc. it is the duty of he TN Govt. to encourage this organisation without prejudice on caste basis.I think if approached by the management the present CM will be willing to help the organization particularly when many foreign universities and institutions have realized its value and have started courses in Sanskrit language

  5. Dear Bhakthas,

    forwarding a mail from sri. Krishnamurthy :
    I’m sad to put this news – which is quite painful to read…however the fact of the matter needs to be brought out. It is about saving a Sanskrit Research Institute the only one alive in Tamil Nadu
    Those who wish to contribute need not do at free of cost – become a life-time member of this prestigious institution and receive publications from this institute free of cost for the life-time. Now when you pay Rs. 2000/- and become a life member – you’ll receive about 8 Hard-bound books free of cost – including 4 volumes of Mahabashyam of Sage Patanjali (the great vyaakarana treatise) in Sanskrit with English translationand a Old Sanskrit Bija Ganita (Algebra) treatise

    Thus your contribution will help to save one of India ‘s premier Sanskrit research institute and also you receive books free of cost.Kindly reach Dr. K.S.Balasubramanian

    , Dy.Director, Kuppuswamy Sastri Research Institute, Sanskrit College , Mylapore, Chennai. Phone- 044-24985320

  6. Perfect image. Thanks for publishing this. Drawn by whom?

  7. Awesome. Drawing by whom..

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