100+ year old books on Bagavad Gita, Upanishads works by Adi Shankara

These books are at least 100 years old – mostly English translations of Sri Adishankara’s work on Gita, Upanishad etc with others. I saw one book from 1887!!! Thanks to Prof Sridhar for sending me this…

Isha/Kena/Mundaka Upanishads 

Shiva Advaita

Dharma Sastra – Manu

 Bagavad Gita

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  2. I am feeling now, I am luckiest person that have got chance to read this books.

    Is it possible to send me more original books written by Adi Shankaracharya books like
    1)Root of Vedanta 2)Yog sutra by Patanjali 3)All translated Upnished

    If you make me available all these books, it would be really appreciate.

    Please send me on krushna.dongave@valueretail.com

  3. Mahesh,

    There is an error in the title of the post. Adi Sankara has not translated any Upanishad. He wrote commentaries on them. Please take more care while writing posts on such matters lest you may pass on wrong information to others.

  4. Thanks Mahesh. Please load this in archive.org, as Scribd would not allow it to download after a few days unless through payment.

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