Smt. Prathiyangara Padmasini – another Pollachi Paatti!

Smt Padmasini, a vaishnavite devotee, is another Pollachi Paati in her devotion to MahaPeriyava. She had also visited most of the places Periyava visited. Simple, like Pollachi paati, and reminds of gopika-like bakthi towards Lord Krishna. Periyava is her world. She currently spends each and every minute of her life remembering all the great time spent time with Him and all the blessings received..

Highlights – her experience in Kamkshi Amman Temple, funny story about “badhusha”.

P.S – It is hard not to cry when you watch this….

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  1. Mahesh, any idea why the interview starts abruptly. As it begins, it looks like Smt Padmasini is speaking about a cyst or something similar, but the full narration of this is missing.

  2. Harih: Om, it is very true, like sri krishna & gopika ! Blessed Souls !

  3. ” It is hard not to cry when you watch this” — You are absolutely right Mahesh. Only that I had to wait until the very end. When she describes how That Karunyamoorthy washes His Legs in a small puddle of water and then signals to her. And she, taking the cue, rushes to That Water and does a Snanam of His holy waters for the second time in that day. All, after the Sarvagnan realizes that she had missed His Holy Snanam in the morning!

    Shankara, Sarveshwara, Amma.

  4. We live every moment with her

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