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  1. Dear Mahesh,
    The videos are not working; could you kindly try to fix them?
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  2. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    For the complete thought process behind the blog and the painstaking effort in collating (with so much of shraddhai) all the information including shooting the videos of various bhaktas sharing their experience – There are no words to ascribe but only get a feeling of conveying my namaskarms and deep respect to you and all the bhaktas. What has been accumalated in here is not only going to influence people of present generation but many many more years of posterity. Incredibly invaluable and beyond any means of measurement.

  3. One of the treasures to be preserved. What more can one say. Shree Gurubhyo Namaha . . .

  4. Excellent and blessed to see this.

  5. hari om,
    A very rare excellent capture of mahaperiava blessing the vedapadasala students taking snanam and laughing with some devotees .I do not know what to say except that all those who have moved very close with the mahan are bagyavans only.I happened to attend the sapthaham on Adi sankara By shri Ganesh sarma which made me feel that how fortunate are those who could be in the mahan’s company as often as possible though i have had the darshan of maha peraival several times that i feel that it was not enough.How simple and yet so great. My nmasskarams to Maha periava.I have seen this video also on the concluding day of that sapthaham by shri ganesh sharma.

  6. Absolutely fantastic……….no words to describe the feeling

  7. I was present on that Sankara Jayanthi..I think 87 or 88 when Podhigai recorded this Thotakashtakam Video.Every one was stunned by His memory/agility as He was 95. He is NadamadumDeivam Deivam..no doubt ant it

  8. Ultimate videos , very soothing , blessed to see this.. God bless you and your entire paramabara for posting this.. Sai Ram.

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