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Thank you Sir for sharing this….


I am an ardent devotee of maha periyavaa. I have met him only twice in person but he has helped me in incredible ways. I have been living abroad for many years and I met Maha periyavaa in USA and in Malaysia. This may seem surprising since maha periya vaa has never left India. Let me narrate those instances.

1) I was doing my PhD in University of Alabama, TUscaloosa, USA. I have a bachelor’s and masters degree in Engineering. iI chose to do my PhD in Management Science. I went for my PhD after five years of work experience and marriage. My wife Uma agreed to take care of my mother and sister in Mumbai. my father passed away when I was 15 years old. I went on a full scholarship from the university in USA. Since I had left my family behind, I was working very hard to finish as early as possible and return to India. It was one year into the program and I was doing well. Most of the times I used to sleep in my faculty after studying until early morning. One day at about 4 am in the morning, maha periya vaa appeared in front of me. He did not say a word and touched my head with His ‘dhandam’. It was like an electric shock to me. I woke up and could feel tremendous energy in my body. I struggled for nearly three months to handle the energy level. After about three months things settled down and I could feel that I was able to understand difficult materials with ease. In my research I had to use many difficult mathematical concepts that I have never learnt before. When I started reading those materials, to my surprise, I was able to understand very easily and apply in my research. When I completed my research, the supervisor of my PhD dissertation was so happy that he said my dissertation was one of the best he has come across. He did not know that it was not me who did but it was maha periya vaa who was guiding me.
2) After my PhD, I worked in the industry in India for 5 years. Meanwhile, my sister completed her studies and got married. After her marriage I moved to M’sia with my mother, wife and daughter. I joined a public university in M’sia and now I am working as a senior professor. About 8 years ago in Malaysia, maha periya vaa again appeared in front of me (in my dream). Even though I am brahmin, I was not performing any anushtanams….not even sandhya vandanam. Maha periyava looked at me in front a big gathering and called me by name. He was upset that I was not performing any anushtanams and said I was living like a useless stone. He said that my purpose in life is different and ordered to start performing anushtanams. Around that time, I had donated some money to veda padasala in Delhi. I promised maha periyava I will start performing anushtanams. I started with sandya vandanam. The veda pada sala thanked me for the money and sent me ‘baana lingam’ and some CDs on veda parayanam. The CDs did not work. A sastrigal in Malaysia had a book on rudram, chamakam, purusha suktham…….He gave the book to me and asked me to copy the book. I was able to get a CD that had all the chantings (rudram, chamakam…). Since I had the book and started following. To my surprise I was able to memorise and chant rudram, chamakam……Meanwhile I receivhed two lingams, one from rameswaram and another from Tirupathi. Now I have the habit of chanting rudram, chamakam along with abhishekams to lingams on all holidays. I also have the uhabit of chanting when ever I visit any temple. This has changed my life in a very big way.
3) About five years ago, I had darshan of maha periyava in my dream. In my dream I was running a small hotel. Maha periyava came and ate idlies. After eating, I give Him a small sambavana. With His usual sense of humor, He looked at me said “I have never seen anyone running a hotel where they feed customers and also give money”. Then He looked at said, “do lot of dharma karyam. What ever you do now will back to you magnified 10 times at the time of need”. He also said that He would guide me at appropriate times and told me to follow his advice. To me maha periyava is sarveswaran.
4) About two years ago my wife was diagnosed of very early stage breast cancer. I was distraught and prayed to mahaperiya  to help me. He came in my dream and said that I have to endure difficulties for one month and said things would become alright. A minor operation was performed and my wife is now 100 percent fit and the doctor said there is nothing to worry. This again was purely due to the grace of maha periyava.

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  1. Dear All,

    I am a blessed devotee to of our Maha Periyava and a blessed student of Prof. Murali Sambasivan. It was Maha Periyava,, who gave us this connection, though we do not know each other till last year. Prof. MS and his family is the best family, i have ever met in my life. Their house is filled with Maha Periyava’s blessings, love, compassion, sanity and spiritual vibrations. I am so surprised to see the simple and meaningful life Prof. MS lives with the blessings of Maha Periyava. I learned a lot not only in terms of my studies, also in terms of doing good karmas in life and living simple and meaningful.

    I have no words to express my feelings towards Maha Periyava and Prof. MS. Rest assured, our Maha Periyava has blessed Prof. MS in many ways and in turn Prof. MS is living as an example to all others like us by giving the best he can and by following the great teachings of Maha Periyava.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.


    Sekar Gopal.

  2. Can some one tell me the contact details for Shri Kanchi Maha Periyava veda patasala contact details at Thiruvenkadu, Tamilnadu, India.

    I’m desperately in search of their contact details. Can you please send a mail to mailsrinivas@yahoo.co.in, if you have the details.

  3. hari om,
    Adada enna punyam inda madiri padikkum podu periava mela premai innum adigamagiradhu.You are really very fortunate sir. I pray that you are blessed one.May the mahaperiava padam enrum en kooda vazhi nadathi sellattum.

  4. Thanks Mr.Murali Sambasivam. I wish and pray for me that i get the Blessing of Mahaperiavaa soon.


  5. I thank everyone for their comments. Tomorrow morning I will be performing abhishekams and chanting rudram. I will include you all in my prayers. Have strong faith in maha periyavaa. He will never fail you

  6. Dr Murali Sambasivan, is a blessed person
    He could see and get the anugraham of Sri Maha periava on so many occasions
    really you are a blessed person sir
    sk ramanathan

  7. Mr.Muralikrishnan, THanks. I do not want to enter into Sathya Sai Controversy. I do agree that one day mahan’s will born again to save our Nation from the Politicians ,

  8. The life of Paramacharya was a mystery and no one could predict how his blessings flow through to the humanity. His grace and asirvadham have redeemed many from their afflictions due to poverty, disease etc etc. I have also heard many narrate their experiences in life. I have also had some experiences from which I have learned that He is a Jagdguru and an incarnation of Sankara himself who came down in Kaliyuga for blessings the suffering humanity. Great are those who had His blessings directly like Dr. Sambasivan and blessed are those who are unknowingly getting His grace in their day today life. May his Grace continue to guide us . Jaya jaya Sankara

  9. Dr.Samabasivan is very lucky to have Maha Periava’s grace! He deserves it too. No doubt Maha Periava is Daivaamsam.

  10. Dear Sundararaman C S Jayasankar,Kindly please dont think,our Periyava is the last Mahan or Avathara,India is a country here New ,New Avathara will come and go to do Dharma Samrakshanartham,Dr.Murali Sambha sivan is a blessed soul,every act of our Maha Periyava is Dharma samrakshanartham only,if you watch his act very closely you will understand each and every thing yourself.So many such things has happend to my father in his life,he died at his 95th year surrendering himself to SambhaParameswara and Mother Parvathi.This has happend on 12thMarch 2011.That day He drink only Ganga water from morning to evening,he heard Nama Sankeerthanam of Erode Rajamony from morning to evening ,he never wet his bed or pass stool,he just passed away blessing all with a smile.He is a Ardent devotee of Our Maha Periyavaal,Ramana Maharshi,His younger days passed on at Chengam and Thiruvannamalai,His master was Brahma Shri T.K.Sundaresa Iyer,an Ardent devotee of Maharshigal.”Mahankal,Varuvarkal,Entha mannil,Bharatha Bhoomi Mahankalin Kshethram”,His Devotion to Sai Baba is well known to people of our place.”We humbly Pray at the feet of our MAHAPERIYAVA FOR HIS BLESSINGS AND GUIDLINES”

  11. unbelievable in this 21st century. But miracle is a miracle

  12. Perhaps MAHAPERIYAVA. is last of real Mahan’s or avatara Purasargal who lived in India. after him there is Vacuum. You are really blessed Dr.Murali Samasivan.

  13. you Blessed Mr.Sambasivam, i want to share things with you, mail me you mail id. my id is csj.maya@gmail.com

  14. Sir with humble pranams i thank you for the inspirational narration of MAHAPERIYAVA. My daughter is studying in NUS, singapore and i have sent Mahaperiyava to take care of her and she often feels His presence there.! JAYA JAYA SANKARA, HARA HARA SHANKARA

  15. Maha periyava is ‘Sarva-vyapi’. You may know in Shri Ganapati Atharvaseersham , Shri Ganesha is described as ‘Twam gunatraya teetaha, kaalatraya teetaha, dehatraya teetaha……….’ etc. He is beyond time, place , nature, body, etc. Similarly this Mahaan is beyond every such things. In your dream you had rightly gave some sambhavana to Him. As you know, after feeding vedic scholors, we used to give ‘bhukta dakshina’. That is, after feeding them, we have to give some dakshina to them (may be this will be useful for their conveyence or other petty expenses). Probably through the dream He reminds you to feed ‘Brahmana bhojana’ to the real needy brahmanas.

  16. This clearly confirms that Maha Priyava is not only Omnipresent but also Everpresent..

  17. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  18. Dr MS is very blessed. These anughrahams give solace not only to him but also billions of Mahaperiyavaa devotee to follow dharmas.

    Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha!

    Our prayers to Sri Sri HH Mahaperiyavaa to bestow blessings to all.


  19. Proof enough that MahaPeriyava was indeed God incarnation!! Dr.Murali Sambasivan is indeed a blessed soul!! I am sure there are many others who would like to share their own personal experiences with other devotees!!

    Pranams to Kanchi MahaSwamigal!!




  20. Dr Murali Sambasivan is really a blessed person. I wish I get Divine help from Maha Priya Vaa in my current hour of dire need.I request Dr.MS to pray for my intentions to Maha Periya Vaa and help me.

  21. Amma, Sarveshwara!

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