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  1. My mail id is srithang65@orcon.net.nz

    • Mr. Sridharan : Mahaperiyava saranam. May our Guru’s Blessings ever be with everyone.
      Just wanted to know if you could make it to tune the aksharamala through your friend. Thanks and Regards.

  2. I am not able to open. Can someone please send me as a PDF. I do not want to miss out on the good thing.


    • I will send you in pdf format if you can provide me your mail id please.
      Ramaswamy raamaswamy@gmail.com

      • Thanks for e mailing me. I couldopen this time.

      • Dear Mr Ramaswamy,

        It was great to have the aksharamala. My idea was to give a tue to your poem. I have a frined who has agreed to do this whichI can share wit all. Before I ask her to do it , I seek your permission. If you could give me your approval it will be great.

  3. SAranam Saranam Sath Guruve,Thava padha saranam Jagath guruve,
    Kamakoti sath guruve,Kamakshi Seshuve Jagathguruve,
    Paditha pavana sath guruve,Parama Dayala Jagath guruve,
    Kalady yel perandhu,than kaladiyal nadandhu,Shanmadathai
    Potrikatha Guruve un porpadangalukku Adiyenen Namaskarangal.

  4. Very touching and heart melting verses!

  5. Excellent work

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