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Shri Thiruvannamalai Gourishankar — Journalist’s ethics


I definitely was not qualified enough to translate His Tamil into English, not sure if anyone else can do it either. He used to even correct the English captions 

prepared by Newspaper Editors. An example of this is, when Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal went to Agastyar Koodam, the newspapers had mentioned that He 

was ‘Absconding’. The reporters came to Mahaswamigal seeking clarifications.

They prostrated before Him and were ready with the questions.

Periayavaa asks them, “what is the meaning of the word ‘absconding’?”

The reporters were not aware why He is asking this question.

One of them replied, “to disappear”.

“Is that so?”, said the Sarveshwaran.

“Are there any other meanings?”, asks He.

They replied with couple of other meanings like “leaving without informing”, etc.

“Is that so?”, repeated the Sarveshwaran.

When they did not have any other answers, He asks a boy near Him to give the reporters a dictionary.

The reporters opened it and read aloud these meanings for the word Abscond.

“..having committed a mischeivous act..”

“..illicit and immoral act..”


Periayavaa asks them, “do you think He did anything related to the meanings you had just read out?”

The reporters were stumped and could not reply.

The Compassionate One tells them kindly, “all of you being journalists have a huge responsibility, is it not? You must have surely read about the proper ethics for 

a journalist. You should not have used this kind of language”.

The reporters asked Him for forgiveness and told Him they will do anything to atone their mistakes.

Periyavaa said, “you have already published this in your front page. So, if you want to atone for this mistake, please issue a correction on the front page 

mentioning you had used the wrong word. This is the correct thing to do, this is what I feel.”

The concerned Newspapers then apologized in the Front Page for having used the wrong word in the subsequent edition.



Shri Thiruvannamalai Gourishankar — The Oldest Language in the world

When I went to the Mutt to have His darshan for the first time there were four foreigners there, an Israeli, an Italian, a German and a Britisher. They had come to do their PhD in Philology on the topic of ‘the most ancient languages in the Occidental and the Oriental world’. They were studying Latin, Hebrew and Greek languages in the Occidental part and Sanskrit and Tamil in the Oriental part.

He went inside to do His Anushtanas; they had wanted to a photo of Him but His kaingaryams refused.They were heartbroken that they could not take a picture. All the four of them were standing near a tree since morning. They asked His Sevakas when He will be done with the poojas but get an unconvincing reply.

I told the foriegners that we Indians are used to the way of life at the Mutt, but how come you all have been standing for the past 6 hours? One of them looks at his watch and exclaims, ‘oh my God, has it been 6 hours? He is a Man of Certainty and is Beyond Time!’

Periyavaa came in after 10 minutes and we all went and prostrated to Him. Looking at the man (who had the camera hanging on his neck) who had wanted to take the photos, He gestures with His hands that he can take the pictures now. He posed for three photos and stops him before the fourth and enquires as to why they have come.

They tell him their purpose.

He asks, “So, did you arrive at a conclusion as to which is the most ancient language?”

The Israeli replied, “Hebrew is the most ancient in the Occident; but in the Oriental, people say that both Sanskrit and Tamil are the oldest, we are confused and that is why we are here for Your opinion”.

He said, “There is another language which is the most ancient than all these, it is the Vedic Language. It is the Source of even Sanskrit and Hebrew.”

“There is a verse about Rebirth in Hebrew, can you recite it completely?”, asked Him to the Israeli by giving the man the first two words.

The Israeli recited it for 3 to 4 minutes. Swamigal looked around and asked some boys, have you studied Rig Veda, can you recite this particular verse?”

Those boys recited it for 5 minutes.

He asked me, “can you ask them if they understood what these boys recited now?”

The four men remain quiet.

Swamigal turns to the boys and says smilingly, “you all will definitely not understand what this man had recited in Hebrew!”

He turns to me and says, “tell that Israeli that what he had chanted before is the same as what these boys chanted!”

I told him, “Swamiji says that what is you had chanted is ‘verbatically’ same as the what the boys had chanted”.

Swamigal corrects me, “What? Do not use the word ‘verbatically’, tell him that both the chants are ‘alphabetically’ the SAME!!!”

He said He will prove it and asked if we have a paper and a pen.

“In Vedas it is mentioned that the world has been classified into 32 portions/regions. And in each of the 32 geographic regions, Vedas say how the Veda Aksharas have changed/pronounced in those places!”

He asks each of them which region they come from and then explains to them how a particular Veda Aksharam is changed in their individual places! He asks the boys to recite verse from Rig Veda again and tells the men how each Aksharam in Rig Veda in that verse will sound in their Regions!

The Sarveshwaran tells me, “I will now say this verse with some difficulty as it has been a long time since I had Abhyasam, ask that Israeli if he understands my recital!”

To the boys He says, “I will now say it in a slightly different form based on how each Aksharam will sound in Hebrew. Please do not think it is wrong; there is this injunction in the Vedas that it can be recited this way also.”

And The Sarveshwaran starts to say it, slowly. Wonder of Wonders, the Israeli starts to recite it Together with Him!!! 

(Sarveshwaraa, I am unable to type now due to a flood of emotions…)

We were all Stunned!

“I told you earlier, the same verse in Rig Veda is present ditto in Hebrew, but the Aksharas have changed slightly. (like we say Yamuna but in the North it is Jamuna, Va in the south is Ba in West Bengal, Paa in Tamil is Haa in Kannada etc) Therefore, the most ancient language in the world is the Vedic language!”

Swamigal asked the four men to prepare a table and fill it with how the Rig Veda Aksharams sounded in their language. This was completed in 15 minutes.

The Israeli was shocked and exclaimed, “this is something unimaginable!”

He asks him, “what do you think now, do you now agree that everything has sprung from Vedas?”

The look on the Israeli was not convincing.

He says, “what, is he thinking that why, could not have Vedas originated from Hebrew?”

The man says, “yes, it could have been the reverse also, the Vedas could have come from Hebrew”.

Periyavaa replies, “you have only the lock, whereas we have both the key and the lock! It is even mentioned in the Vedas as to which Maharishi from here in India went to your region and spread/taught Vedas in Israel!”

The man seemed to be convinced in the end.


Thiruvannamalai Shri Gowrishankar — Ramana, Seshadri Swamigal and Periyava


My brother Chandrasekhar, was like my Lakshmana although I am not a Rama by any means. He was a Corporal in IAF. Due to a wrong injection he was on the verge 

of Coma and was admitted to Southern Command Military Hospital and was in a special ward in Pune. I rushed from Calcutta to see him. There was a Dr Narayana Iyer, 

a Brigadier who was treating my brother.

He told me, ‘Only one in 10000 recover from this, so it is not our hands. Pray to your God and Acharyas’.

I came to my Mother. ‘Why did you leave him at the hospital alone? asked my mother.

“I wanted to see Periyavaa that is why I came home”.

‘Will you come with me’, I asked her.

“Leave me at Thiruvannamalai, I want to be with Seshadri and Ramana”.

“I had taken a Sankalpam to see Him first and hence will drop you at Thiruvannamalai after seeing Him”, I told her.

We both went to Kanchipuram. Swamigal was not there and was at Orirukkai to attend the 1001st birthday celebrations of Thirmisai Ahzwar. We reached Orirukkai at 6 in the morning my mother decided to sit outside on a stone beneath a tree.

“Amma, you are anyway following the customs of a widow after tonsuring your head in Kashi and wearing white saree, why don’t you come in and have His darshan?”

“No da, I will remain outside thinking of Ramana and Seshadri. You take me to Thiruvannamalai after you are done having Swamigal’s darshan”.

Miffed at her reply I told her, ‘what, do you really think Ramana Bhagawan and Seshadhri Swamigal will bless you if you intentionally do not have the darshan of Swamigal?’

‘See, now stop arguing. You may go and have His darshan, I am not stopping you. I will just be outside’.

Telling her that even a hundred Ramanas and Seshadris will be unable to help her, I came inside the room to meet Swamigal and prostrated to Him.

Filled with grief for my brother’s condition I became emotional and recited this to Him from Thiruvempaava.

‘un kaiyil pillai unakke adaikkalam endru….’ 

Overcome with emotions I could not complete this paasuram. After I regained composure in a minute or so. He said, ‘please complete reciting the pasuram!’

I completed it, the 19th Paasuram

uN^kaiyiR piLLai unakkE adaikkalam enRu

aN^gap pazanychoR pudhukkum em achchaththAl

eN^gaL perumAn unakkon RuraippOmkEL

eN^koN^gai n^in anbar allArthOL chEraRka

eN^kai unakkallA dheppaNiyuny cheyyaRka

kaN^gulpagal eN^kaN maRRonRuN^ kANaRka

iN^gip parichE emakkeN^kOn n^algudhiyEl

eN^gezilen nyAyiRu emakkElOr empAvAy


“The child in your hand is your own refugee”, because of our fear of that adage coming to existence, our Lord, we tell you something, listen ! Let our breast not join the shoulder of somebody who is not Your lover; Let my hand not do any service other than for You; Night or day let my eye not see anything else. If You, my Lord, give us this gift, let the Sun rise wherever, what is our problem ?

“Have you come alone?”

“No with my mother.”

“So, what is the matter?”

Told him about the condition of my brother, somehow wrongly as dialysis.

“Is the kidney affected?”, He asked.


He pointed to His head.

“Yes the brain is affected”, I said.

He took some Kungumam in a Thamarai leaf in His hand, closed His eyes in dhyanam for a minute and gave it to me.

“Are you going to Calcutta now?”

“No, I will drop my mother at Thiruvannamalai and then go to Pune before going to Calcutta”. 

He said, “Send kungumam to your brother in Pune immediately.”

He spoke to other devotees for another 10 minutes.

After that, He adjusted His kaupeenam, got up, removed His Kaavi vastram, folded it twice and put it on His shoulder, held His Dandam in His left hand and left for outside, much to my utter shock and surprise!

The Kaupeenadhari walked some distance to near where my mother was sitting. She was startled to see Him and fell down at His feet, crying inconsolably!

Periyavaa’s first question to her was, ‘where is your Maatamaha Poorvigam’?

She said Thiruvannamalai.

She was pleaed with this question of His about Bhagawan.

“Have you seen Seshadri Swamigal? Has He come to your home?”, He asked.


“What will he do?”

“He will ask me to give Him cooked rice. I will tell Him, it is very hot. He will brush me away and say, I am very hungry. And will dip His bare hands into the hot cooked rice and eat. After just two mouthfuls he will spit some, and all of us will rush to eat them!”

“Have you seen Bhagawan?”, He asked.

“Yes, we will sing before Him!”

“You must have sang Akshara Mani Malai?”

“Yes! From 3.30 am to 11 am we tell prayers like Venkateswar Suprabhatanm, Bhaavad Gita , Vallalaars’s Thiruvarutpa and sing songs continuously!”, she replied.

“Where are you going now?”

“I have asked him to take me to Thiruvannamalai.”

And then Periyavaa started to walk.

My mother was ecstatic that Swamigal spoke to her about Bhagavaan and Seshadhri Swamigal. 

She exclaimed to me, “did you see Him? You said He is Periyavaa but He came to me in the form of a Kaupeenadhari! His body is so lustrous just like Bhagawaan’s! His Mind also seemed just like Ramana’s! And did you notice that His voice was ditto like the way Seshadri Swamigal used to speak!!”

It dawned on me a couple of days later that for a person who did not want tp have darshan of Periyavva and sought only Ramana and Seshadhri Swamigal, Periyavaa blessed her by coming in the form of Ramana Himself and speaking like Seshadhrii Sewamigal Himself!

Can there be a better Kaarunyam!!!

In a couple of days I sent the kungumam to my brother. It was applied on his forehead and all over the body by my friend. He woke in delirium at approximately 11 pm and started shouting feverishly Periyavaa, Periyavaa. He tried to do something but fell down from the bed crying “oh, I am a sinner, I am unable to prostrate to Him, He is leaving..” etc!

He later told me that Periyavaal came to Him at the hosplital, observed Him minutely two to three times from head to feet. “I was helpless that I could not prostrate to Him”, he said.

“This is the Truth, I saw Him at my bedside in the hospital!!!”



Shri Thiruvannamalai Gourishankar — Periyava and Quantum Theory

I once went to a place called Vaasangere in Karnataka to have His darshan. He was camping in the mines area which belonged to Sentoor Maharaja. Swamigal was a sitting on a tarpaulin along with the other devotees. Annathurai Iyengar was also there with a few students from his Veda Patashala. It was around 10.30 in the night.

The Sentoor Maharaja, Maharani and their son were also there. His son was a Reader in the Department of Mathematics at Yale University. He had a PhD degree in Maths. His parents were standing there respectfully before Him but he appeared to be quite casual. Swamigal conversed with the Maharaja and Maharani in Kannada for a while.

After a while He turned towards their son and asked,

“Where do you live? What are you doing?”

“I am a Reader in Maths Dept at Yale University”, he replied.

“What have you studied, you have done your PhD in which branch of Maths”, He asked.

Their son did not answer for a minute, hesitating to reply as he was unsure if Swamigal could make sense of what he had studied. His father goaded him to reply.

“Quantum Theory.”, he said, matter-of-factly.

Swamigal drew a +ve sign on the mud and circled it; He also drew a -ve sign and circled it. Pointing to the two signs Swamigal asked him,

” Did you use the positive or the negative approach in your Quantum Theory PhD thesis study?”

Their son who was a bit indifferent until then, was startled to hear this from Him. He was trembling for words and suddenly became more respectful and replied,

“Positive Approach.”

“Why did you not take the Negative Approach, will you do you it later”, He asked.

“It is difficult to use the Negative Approach”, he said.

Swamigal looked at Annathurai Iyengar and said, “He is saying it is difficult; can you ask the Veda students to recite this particular verse from Rig Veda?”, and prompts them with first two words.

The students recited that particular verse for 5 minutes. After this He turned to their son and said, “you must have obtained your PhD in your 24th or 25th year correct?”

“In my 25th year”, said he.

“Rig Veda, the verse which you heard now, talks both about the Positive and the Negative approaches”, He said.

The son was astonished and requested the students to recite the verse again.

“Are you now thinking that you need not have spent lakhs and lakhs of rupees for your 25 years of education and if only you had studied the Vedas you would have learnt this Truth in just 7 years?!”, replied Lord Parameshwara.


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  1. Can we know the exact Rig vedic verses ? Is it Mandala 10.18 or 10.59 ? Those are related to rebirth

  2. He was an avataaram of Lord Shiva. So he was omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He was beyond the normal man’s comprehension.

    Om namah shivaya.

  3. He was an avataaram of Lord Shiva. So he was omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He was beyond the normal man’s comprehension.

    Om namah shivaya.

  4. Have a question on topic “Shri Thiruvannamalai Gourishankar – The Oldest Language in the world”…. Can any one tell the exact verses in Sanskrit (and hebrew if possible). I have gone thru the complete video where there is not reference except for some paasuram verses in Tamil ….. thanks for sharing this message, do you know whether those ppl cleared the Phd, and pronounced that Vedic language is the oldest when compared to Sanskrit and Tamil…. do we know more abt the vedic language (if Vedic language is not Sanskrit)

  5. I dont think any living person today can even think of commenting on MAHAPERIYAVAL. He was an embodiment of all arts/science and what not!

  6. Bow to all three=Triple Gems=MahaPeriyawal, Sheshadri Swamigal, Ramana maharishi. They are all one. Mahan Ram surath Kumar respected them all.

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