Sri Ponds Mama with Mahaperiyava

Sanyasis should not keep any secret. So, Mahaperiyava apparently chose Sri Ponds Mama to share whatever He wanted to tell. As a finale, He also gave a boon that Sri Ponds mama will forget whatever he heard 🙂 Mama mentions this very briefly 0 didn’t elaborate…..Don’t miss this interview – amazing interview – so many interesting details….that is why this is a video for 2 hrs 🙂

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  1. Dear Sudharshan & Suresh,

    Spoke to ponds narayanan mama and he lives in a flat near lakeview road, west mambalam. his contact no. is 09444906433. You may talk to him and get the flat name and fix up some time to meet him. He will be too glad to talk to you people. Periyava Saranam

  2. Magnificient. Shankara. Amma.

  3. Mr Mahesh, Can you tell us where Ponds mama resides ? SO THAT WE MAY HAVE THE FORTUNE OF MEETING PONDS MAMA.

  4. Mahaperiyava has given me the anugaham of introducing me to one and all close to him. Have heard all this from Ponds mama directly, seen and felt the mara vuri. I do not have enough words to express the happiness felt when he shares his personal experiences and you listen to it any number of times, only the amount of inner joy increases from time to time and keeps you taking forward to face all day to day challenges…….Periyava Saranam!

  5. Thrilled to see the Mara Uri and that too when Ponds Mama says this was worn by Mahaperiyava after Sri Rama and Lakshmana. Thanks a lot,Mahesh, for giving us this amazing interview

    Thanks a lot, Mohan Ramiah for your excellent Write-up on the slokas 97-98 of Arya Sadhakam

  6. The two shlokAs quoted by mahA PEriyavA as the explanation for the ‘darshan’ that Sri ‘Ponds’ Sundaram and the foreign lady had. ShlokAs 97 and 98 of ‘AryA shatakam’ of mUka panchasathi, ( from the first hundred shlokAs)
    ‘satkruda dEsika saraNAH:sabIja nirbIja yoga nisrENyA / apavarga souda valapIm Arohathyamba kEpi thava krupayA'(97)-Those who hold onto the feet of Guru nAtha who is the guide,climb up through the ladder steps called ‘sabIjam’ and ‘nir bIjam’ and reach the terrace of the mansion called ‘mukti’.(Those who follow the path of yoga and have practised dhyana and samadhi,if they can have darshan of DEvi as one who meditates,as the object of meditation and as meditation in itself-that state is called sabIja dhyAnam.This is also referred to as savikalpam,sAlambanam,savisEsham, and sampragnadam.Out of the grace of the Guru one delves the depth of this.If one can forget oneself as the meditator,and does not separately recognize the object of meditation and meditation in itself,and is filled with the greater knowledge of these alone-that is a state of samAdhi known as ‘nirbIjam’. Nothing branches out of this state and it finds its fulfillment in itself.This state is also known as nirvikalpam, nirAlambanam,nirvisEsham and asampragnadam. The external manifestation of this is mukti.)
    ‘antarapi bahirapi jantutatEra anthakAntha krutahantE/ chintita santhAnavatAm santatamapi tantanIshi mahimAnam’-98
    She who is the ‘I’ sense of paramasivA who was the death for the god of death himself; You dwell within and without of all beings and constantly enhance the exaltation of those who meditate on you continuously. ( When it does not emerge out as waves of thought or ability from Brahmam holding Sakthi within itself,Sakthi issues out alone as ‘vimarsa rUpiNi.At that time the sense of ‘I’ and the sense of ‘shakthi’ energy as ‘MINE’ appear. SivA’s ‘I’ gets fulfilled only when it gets subsumed under ‘Shakthi’.When there is no ‘MINE’ there cannot be “I”.Shakthi creates the ‘I” of Siva.)

  7. Truly awe inspiring–

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