Perfect blend of Vedic and contemporary education in Bangalore

Someone handed me over this brochure at Kanchi Mutt during my recent visit. Looks like a perfect school, which is a conglomeration of vedic and modern studies. I was pleasantly surprised to know that this school has been functioning for the past 7+ years…

In my opinion, this is the need of the hour to promote vedic learning in today’s world.  Boys should get both the benefits of studying both – should not be discriminated from learning modern studies. I do not know the flip side of this. There could be some risks to this approach. In my opinion, if a student joins this school and stayed there for few years, that itself is an indication that his interests are in pursuing vedic studies as well.

Please feel free to pass this info to others as well…

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  1. Sir: this is good effort. God bless all involved in it. Can you tell are the students are coming from all the community in Hindu society? If so it is really ablessing.

  2. this the best method to revive our vedic tradition. it nee not be only for brahmins. other castes like kshatriyas can be included if they so desire subramanian

  3. I have heard of this unique school thro my close friend,Sankaran but seeing the pics is believing.tks

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