Poll on Sandhyavandhanam!

Just to get a sense of how much our readers are following Periyava’s advice, I am starting this poll – only for fun. If you choose to answer, please answer honestly. I will tell my answer right now – I do twice a day! Even if we are not regular, we can get better – it is never too late 🙂

This poll idea was given to me by one of the readers of this blog and also my friend, Sri Hari (http://thapas.wordpress.com). He has published quite some material on Sandhyavandhanam and Gayathri Japam at the following links. I encourage all to read these .



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  1. To all respected members in this forum.
    I request you all to emphasize more on how to chant Gayathri mantra. I came across a video in youtube where the guru says that Gayathri mantra has to be recited by holding your breath and release once 1 japa is completed. similarly for 32, 64, 108 & 1008 or more …
    Vignesh .

  2. I used to do sandhyavandanam before but not regularly. But I have started doing it again this time regularly twice a day since last 3 months. and I will continue to do it for my whole life. It is our responsibility to do our karma for the wellness of mankind.

  3. What is there to think? It is our duty to perform ‘nithya karma sandhavandhan’, thrice a day, only for our own benefit. If we do not adhere to this, we reap the fruits accordingly. In other communities, most of them follow their daily rituals without fail, but with implicit faith. I am a senior citizen in my seventies. I have had miraculous experiences in my personal life, due to Gayathri Japas. After my retirement, I am daily performing 1008 GJ in the mornings, before Panchayathana Pooja. After Shiv Poojas, perform Madhyanigam with 32 GJ and in the evenings with 108 GJ. My wife, in her sixties, is by my side in preparing for the poojas, neivedhyams, etc. etc. in a commendable manner. Still I am pulling on well with a healthy and happy family life with all my grand kids and kids. The main inducer for my life is only Maha Periyaval. Whether people like it or it, I make it a point to request all my friends and youngsters, whenever possible, to perform at least 32 GJ. This is the only thing I could do at this stage now. MAY THE BLESSINGS OF MAHAPERIYAVAL GUIDE US ALL FOR EVER.

  4. Thanks SRI panchanathan for ur inf and suggestion

  5. We are discussing about Sandhya Vandanam and here is a fresh and timely translation of Shri ‘Cooper’ Sundaram’s experience with Mahaswamigal


    I call Him my Master. He is Sarveshwaran. Let me tell another miracle which I had witnessed.

    There was a gentleman who had lost his parents when he was very young. His Mother passed away when he was just 3 or 4 days old. This happened almost 70 to 80 years back. When his father married for the second time, he did not take his son with him. This gentleman was living with his old grandmother in Mayavaram during is childhood days.

    He joined the Railways and became a Special Class apprentice. He was posted at Kanchapura near Calcutta.
    He got married to a nice girl and they lived in Calcutta then with their three children. He became Class 1 officer, Gazetted officer and then retired as a Deputy Director of Inspection.

    Due to lack of normal upbringing he became an Atheist. But he will not hurt anyone. He did not wear the sacred thread (poonal) and did not do Sraartham (ceremonies for deceased parents). He used to tell his wife, “you do whatever you want, I will come to the temple with you but do not ask me to pray.”

    As time passed he got all the three daughters married off to good grooms. He and his wife then movedto Madras.

    The wife said one day, “I will got to Kanchipuram and see Periyava and come”.

    “May I also come Chella, I feel like it”, said he.

    “Ok, come.”

    Both went to Kanchi. She was afraid that he would embarrass her by speaking to Him without knowing the protocol.
    He started to address Swamigal as “Sir”! And she gave up and felt helpless.

    Swamigal asked him, “What are you doing?”

    He said, “I am an Engineer and work with lathe machines and tools and responsible for their inspection.”

    “What is a machine tool? What is a lathe?”, asked Swamigal with a child like curiosity, like the way a Mother would ask a child!

    They were discussing his occupation for 1 hour. There was no talk about Sprituality or God.

    “Ok, what are your plans now”, asked the Swamigal.

    “You please tell me what I should do now”, replied He.

    “I have to take Snanam at a tank which is 1 km from here and then I will be back for poojas. You may wait here”.

    He came back and did the Chandramouliswara poojas. The couple were watching the Poojas.

    His wife asked him, “are you not hungry?”

    He said yes and left to partake the prasadam at the Mutt. And came back to the Pooja place.

    When the Poojas were completed he lined up to receive the Theertham. When his turn came, Swamigal asked, “what did you do?”

    “I was hungry and I had prasadam.”

    “Then I cannot give you the Theertham”, said He.

    His wife got the Theertham. And then she went to have the Prasadam lunch.

    They were getting ready to leave for Madras when he says to his wife, “look Chella, shall we stay for one more day and leave tomorrow?!”

    She said yes. He asked the Swamigal too and He replied “Yes.”

    Next day after bath, he borrowed a Veshti at the Mutt, got hold of a Sacred Thread too, applied Vibhuti on his forehead and came to see the Poojas! After the poojas were completed both of them had Prasadam and left for home in Madras. Again no Spiritual words were exchanged between him and Him.

    After three days in Madras, he remarks to his wife, “look Chella, shall I do Sandhya Vandanam?”

    She said, “Yes”.

    “Shall I read the mantras from the book? Or shall I seek a Vadhyaar’s help? Will he laugh at me Chella?”

    And then he wore the Poonal and started to do Sandhya Vandanam!

    And then after some days he tells his wife, “Endi Chella, I have never done Srardham for my parents, I feel like doing it. Shall I get started?”

    ‘Ok, do it.”

    “I know a little bit of Sanskrit that I had learnt at school, shall I say some prayers”?!

    “Ok, do it”, was the standard reply.

    A man who was always cynical about Holy People and God, ceased to be a cynic! Just by a mere Darshana Deekshai!

    That man was my Athimber, and his wife is my sister Chellakka.

    This is my Master!. Who changes people!. He is the one Who controls everything, every movement!
    I wish to believe that my faith in my Master is a rock-like one!. MY wife and children have rock like faith in Him! My
    children’s children in the US pray to Him before writing their exams.

    He is my Sarveshwaran!


    Shankara. Sarveshwara.

  6. Also include Aupasanam on this list, which again is a nithya karma like Sandhyavandanam.


  7. Thank you Shri Sudarshan for inspiring me. I will do Maadhyanikam in the morning itself after Praatha Sandhya from tomorrow.

    Dear Shri Murthy, not sure if you saw this. I had posted this in the comments section of the poll in response to your post of:

    murthy – yesterday
    on average once, but i try to do 1008 once in a while to compensate.
    sometimes back i started doing 1008 daily (for 10 days).
    wish i do 1008 daily, i keep alarm dailyto get up early morning, but switch of every time and sleep.
    doing 1008 is not that difficult, just one hour we can finish.
    request someone to help me ( to push me to satrt doing 1008 daily )

    Dear Shri Murthy,

    The biggest motivation to chant Gayathri Japam 1008 times at least in the morning is,

    1) because He said so. That simple!

    2) He has told that when we do it like this, it is for the benefit of the others, the world, the universe.
    I used to go to bed after midnight and more and get up at 7 am on weekdays and at 9 am on weekends until 4 years back. From then it has been 4 am on *all* days and to bed by 9 pm. When we realize He is Parameshwaran Himself, it is easy for us to change.

    Rock solid faith helps. He will protect us.

    I appreciate your earnestness and sincerity. I have written this solely to motivate you and not to boast about myself at all.

    Please remember, if I can do it, Anyone can!

    May He bless you all.


  8. Mahaperiyava recommended performing 1008 japam on Sundays, for two reasons – one, it would be a holiday when people would have more time on their hands as compared to work days; two, Sunday being Bhanuvaram is dedicated to Savitr Suryanarayana swami, who is the adhi devata of the Gayathri mantram.

  9. mine on average one + per day
    i do 1008 once in a while on sunday to compensate.
    after seeing this vote i did 1008 today morning.

  10. Dear Sri Suresh,

    It is good to note that you perform thrice on weekends and holidays, but twice on weekdays. Let me tell you what I follow: I leave to office at 6.30 am and hence, have time to perform only the Pratah Sandhya. Upon returning home in the evenings, I perform Madhyanikam and Sayam Sandhya. There was a discourse by Sri Sundararama Dikshitar a few months ago, where he clarified that, although all 3 sandhyavandanam are important, Madhyanikam stood foremost amongst them. This was due to the virtue of the prayers (prashana mantra – “Apah punantu pritveem” & the upasthanam – “Aasatyena rajasa”) involved in it. He said that it is better that Madhyanikam is performed soon after the Pratah sandhya, whatever be the time in the morning, but if that is not possible it can be pushed to the evening and I follow the second option due to the paucity of time in the mornings.

    There was another point that he highlighted where it was said that Madhyanikam would be the first sandhyavandanam that a vatu has to perform soon after he has been invested with the upaveetam and brahmopadesham. The stress on this would be due to the upastanam prayers “Pashyema sharadashatam, Jeevema sharadashatam…”

  11. Dear Shri Sudarshan,

    It is two times a day on weekdays because of the need to go to work. Swamigal has said that it is ok to do Madhyanikam at 8.20 am I think, but sadly I have to leave for work by 8.10 am. No problems to do it three times a day on weekends and holidays if I am at home.

    Thank you.

  12. hi,

    BTW please notify us about other such (tapas) blogs


  13. Dear Mahesh,

    My father was really nice. He did his part. He arranged my upanayanam when I was seven.
    I had a sincere Vadhyar who performed the upanayam for me. He guided me through the first two/three months. Thereafter it slowly waned. I had my own excuses. They are dime a dozen. that I do not understand Sanskrit – that I don’t lead a life of a Brahmin and the like.

    Then came ” Gopalji Mama”. He put me back on track, at least with respect to ” Sandhyavandanam”!. He used the best weapon that will work. பெரியவாளின் “தெய்வத்தின் குரல்” படிப்பவன், அவரை நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணுபவன் எப்படி ஸந்த்யாவந்தனம் பண்ணாமல் இருக்கலாம் ? His continued goading with that stick put me back on track.

    It continued for almost 15 years, at least twice daily with a slip or two, here and there, throughout my sailing days.

    Alas, when I took a voluntary, early, self opted retirement without the residual benefits believing that I will take more serious religious route, life had its own twists and surprises. One of the many causalities was sandhyavandhanam.

    Now, I have even performed the Upanayanam for my son when he was seven. From then on Gopalji mama’s constant goading is back.

    During these school holidays I am guiding my son to do it. Now he is asking me the obvious question!!!

    Now your poll, perhaps at the right time. I am sure all these will act as the right stimulus.

    That is one of the reason, why I was wondering how can we arrange a patasala for grahastas to learn a few basic essential practices at least a summer camp.

    Therefore I opted for : I don’t know anyone by name Sandhya. Hope to come to “thrice daily ” soon.



  14. It is heartening to note that most people are performing sandhyavandanam twice a day or at least, once. For such people, can the question why not thrice be asked?

    And it is very appalling to see 3 votes have been registered against “I dont know anyone by name Sandhya!!!!” For all such, the only comment I have is you have lost your Brahmanatvam/dvijatvam. Sorry if you find this comment harsh, but this is where non-performance of Sandhya leads to.

    • Sudarshan – thats ok….let us encourage them and get them back on track. In many cases, they are either shy or lazy – these two issues can be easily fixed. What can’t be fixed is the lack of faith in this whole process? That also can be fixed not by humans but only Gods and Mahans.

  15. I do know Gayatri Mantra and what Sandhyavandan is.
    But being truthfull i havnt done it for more than 3 mönths after Upanayanam.

    • I appreciate your honesty. Like I said, it is never late to resume. All it takes is 30 mts in the beginning to memorize th mantra etc. once that is done, typically after a month, then it is a question of 15 mts per day. I can’t believe that we are busy to that extent.

      Please resume this at the earliest. Don’t feel shy…..


      • I am not shy. I was lazy. Indeed am proud of my dharma. Ill resume by next half of may. But am part of Vaishnava tradition of sandhyavandan.,

  16. Mahesh. Thanks for doing this Survey.
    It is nice to know that 50% of your blog readers do Sandhi twice a day , as of april 1st 2012.

    May be your blog can become a tool to motivate people to do Sandhi to align with Maha Periyav’s words.
    I’m not sure how, but this poll is a starting point towards “walking the talk” in this blog.

  17. Dear Mahesh, another option is “on the weekends and holidays”. 🙂


  18. Dear Mahesh anna, I think u must add another option to this , on and off/ sometimes

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