Devotion of a muslim devotee towards Mahaperiyava

Small video narrating an experience of a muslim devotee with Mahaperiyava….. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about Shri Ganeshan Anna….The guy in the first frame resembles the popular playback singer – forgot his name…


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  1. Hi Mahesh,

    All the experiences are really good and give more light on Maha periyava.

    I need a help from you. I had many wonderful experiences with Mahaperiyava and like to share the same with all.
    I painted Mahaperiya in 1982 and he blessed the picture and said he is in that picture and no need to come kanchipuram to see him. That picture has high power and many miracles happens in our house after that.
    For one of my Ramar patabhisekam paintings Mahaperiyava did Thanda Namaskaram and said Rama came to see him. He was very happy on that Sri Ramanavami day and I also got a great chance to sing my own composition song on Mahaperiyava near his ears and he was so happy and blessed me. He also asked Sri Vedapuri mama to represent him for my marriage and blessed us with one silver coin as his gift to me with prasadam.

    We are celebrating Mahaperiya Jayanthi regulaly with homam and pooja every year.

    Like this I had and still feel him with me at all the times. I like to share all these with every one. Please give me your contact number.My number is 9600064140. , 044-22482982.I am in Pallavaram, Chennai.

  2. To be able to watch The grandson of Bagawan Ramana’s brother’s directly talk about Bhagwan and Mahaperiyavaa is a bliss. Devotee’s reference on the name also adds joy to the experience. It was great to see in the last few weeks the Bhagwan’s video, topics are coming out along with Mahaperiavaa’s. Very Very happy to enjoy this.

    Arunachala Siva, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!!


  3. Sri Ganesan Anna is saakshaath Pillayar as Bhagavan named him , in his book his father say that when Sri Ganesan was taken as a new born baby to Bhagavan – evan perodapp porandirukkan- as he was born on Ganesha Chathurthi. What an blessing for Bhagavan to show us who Ganesan Anna is truly.
    Thank you for capturing these moments with Arunachaleshwarar witnessing these divine memories to share across the oceans with all. It is thrilling to hear about Periyava from hiim at this sacred place Ananda Ramana.

  4. playback singer name is Sriram Parthasarathy..

  5. Dear Sir

    Too much background noise. It wud be very helpful if you can remove the noise before uploading.

  6. yes,mahesh as raghavan says. interesting interview

    thank you mahesh

    ganesan anna,the man of tranquility in tranquil backdrop,the solo sembaruthi behind apprecites every word of anna

    the sembaruthi wishes to hear the rest of the interview

    All the best,mahesh

  7. Ganesan Anna is the second son of Ramana Maharshi’s younger brother Chinnaswami (known as Nagasundaram in purvashrama). He used to hold an office in the Ashram until a few years ago and now has retreated into solitude in Tiruvannamalai itself.

  8. Video is not streaming after 1.00 min; jumps to end directly. kindly reload.

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