Experience of Nithya Agnihothri Brahmasri Parasuramachar of Sirugumani Patashala

Nithya Agnihothri Brahmasri Parasuramachar

Sirugumani Patashala

Brahmasri Parasuramachar currently lives in Sirugumani and manages the patashala as directed by Mahaperiyava. Being a madhwa, Periyava is his dheivam and he strongly believes that only because of Him, today he was able to prepare 100s of madhwa vidhyarthis. When several madhwa mutts approached him to take over his patashala, he refused to give it up and continues to live with absolute faith in Mahaperiyava.  Even today, Sri Parasuramachar’s students go for bhikshai in the agraharam and living the life prescribed by Mahaperiyava as much as possible. He refuses accepting money and any donations given to him – in a greedy world it is hard to see such great souls. As he ends the interview by saying that he is planning to do “soma yagam”, this was successfully completed in Feb 1st week of 2012 – I had a great opportunity to attend and also do a namaskaram to him. Here is the link to the photo album from the Soma Yagam::


Soma Yagam 2012

The following is the article that came up in facebook. This probably would help non-Tamil readers to understand the greatness of his father::

A Rig Vedic scholar,brahma sri PadmanAbhAchAr had his darshan during the chAtur mAsyA period.PeriyavA asked him if he had received the vidvat sambhAvanA given by the Mutt to the vedic scholars coming to the Mutt during chAtur mAsyA.The scholar replied in the negative. PeriyavA asked if he had undergone veda adhyayana.The pundit replied that he had, but had forgotten many portions and was therefore not eligible to receive the sambhAvanA. PeriyavA asked him to recite a particular portion of Rig Veda.The pundit recited the entire portion correctly. PeriyavA directed His assistants to bring the sambhAvanA and hand it over to the pundit with all the other honours due to vedic scholars.Persons following MAdhwA philosophy generally did not give as much importance to veda adhyayanA as they gave to the shAstrAs. PeriyavA directed that a pAta sAlA should be opened by the Veda Rakshan Nidhi Trust at Sirugamani, the village to which the pundit belonged and only MAdhwA boys be enrolled for adhyayanA in the pAta sAlA.Accordingly a pAtAsAlA was opened and vidhyArthIs were enrolled. Brahma Sri PadmanAbhAchAr didn’t stop with this. To show his gratitude to PeriyavA , he put all his three sons in the niyama-adhyayana scheme of VRN Trust and all these sons became gurus- two in the pAtasAlAs run by the VRN Trust and another in a pAtasAlA run at MantrAlayam, under the auspices of Sri RAghavendra Mutt.

Brahma Sri PadmanAbhAchar led an austere and simple life and started performing nitya agni hotrAs and later several yagnAs .Just a few days after he had performed a yagnA called VAjapeya yAga he came to MAhAgaon for darshan of PeriyavA.

 The mahA rAjA of Sandur accompanied by his family members and assistants arrived at MAhAgAon for darshan and waiting for 3 days to meet Periyava. At this time, Brahmasri Padmanabhachar and his family came to get darshan of Periyava.  Periyava asked him to leave the city immediately and asked the mutt servants to accompany them to the city border.  PeriyavA had asked His assistants to get an umbrella used by temples when the deities were taken out on procession. Such a one which was heavy and very big was brought. Periyava told the mahArAja , that according to the shAstrasand traditions, when a vedic scholar conducts vajapeya yagnA it was the duty of the mahArAja to carry the umbrella over the head of the scholar as a mark of respect and honour to the pundit. He asked the mAharAjA,”Would you carry the umbrella over Sri PadmanAbhAcryA and his wife accompanying them from the city limit to my abode and from here to the place, where nityAgnihotri, vAjapeya yaji brahma sri PadmanAbhAchAr is staying?”The mahArAjA not only readily accepted the command; but he also offered to construct a residential house for the pundit.

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  1. Shankara Shankara Shankara. My heartfelt appreciations to acharyas of the patashala. Destiny defines a person with honour, living.

  2. This story is an outstanding example of how Periyavaa transcends all differences of smartha, vaishnava, madhwa etc. and he is indeed Sarveswara who protected the vedic tradition. This interview while very different in message from the various others which detail the miracles performed by the God, is more important because it demonstrates how his concern was entirely about protecting all the dharmas of Hindu religion… Thank you Mahesh… these are the gems which make visiting your blog worthwhile again and again

  3. Mahesh,

    Such devotion when in such trying and adverse times. Such a simplicity. Beyond words and belief. What can I say….. I know these things can’t be learnt. God’s Grace….

    God bless you and your family.

    I am surprised to see so less response to this divine interview.

    warm regards

  4. Mahesh, in the picasa photo stream, can you clarify on a person in this image – https://picasaweb.google.com/mk.netid/SirugumaniPatasala?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCM-L6fjgzYuHKw&feat=directlink#5707470380747414690 – is he Sengalipuram Subramanya Dikshitar?

  5. Paramacharya has assured that He would be present with purna saanidhyam where aupasanam and agnihotram are performed. No wonder we see the play of the Divine at Sirugumani patashala.

  6. Hi Mahesh,

    I saw God in Brahmasri Parasuramachar. I am speechless with Joy.

    Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara!


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