Fantastic discourse by Jagadguru Sringeri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji on dharma, karma etc

One of the finest speeches in the recent times. Very powerful message yet a simple delivery….he brings out simple examples to underline the importance of Nithya karma, pujas, anushtanas etc….every Brahmin must watch this…..I enjoyed every word of this….interestingly, I did not know that acharya can speak such a pure/great Tamil – it is probably my ignorance…..

Don’t miss this….

Thanks Hari for sharing this….

Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara…

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  1. Sringeri Acharya’s simple Explanation of What is Dharma in Tamil is worth listening and for follow up..Dharma cannot vary from Time to Time and place to place..Adi Sanakara.

  2. Dear All,
    I request any one to translate this into English / Telugu to enable people like us, who cannot understand Tamil. I thank in advance to the translator.
    With regards,

  3. Dear Mahesh

    Really the finest at the same forceful.Enjoyed but with with GUILT.

    Yes, like you many do not know that Acharyal can speak such a pure/great Tamil

    We had been receiving Whip-lashes right from the days of Adi Shankara starting from His Bhaja Govindam upto

    Mahaperiyavaas in Kamakshi/Sharada peetams

    At 80, people say “It is very difficult to understand such a simple Bhaja Govindam not to speak of vedas,upanishads or Athma Bodham, as jocularly quoted by Sri Nochur Anna in his one of his discourses. Added to that there are Pa gutharivu Singams amongst us making a mockery of the infinitesimal vairagyam ,some happen to have!

    I like Periyava’s example of SSLC and College levels

    May be you know about Nochur Anna’s series of lectures first week of April,end of April and july at tvmalai,chennai resp.

    please visit geetham forum for details, Iknow you are a great favorite of his bhagavatham but these pravachans are on yoga vasishtam,ramayanam etc;

    All the best,Mahesh

  4. I really enjoyed. Thanks.

  5. I am a devotee

  6. I wish all Hindus should follow him.

  7. Very nice lecture

  8. Acharyas speech is so convincing it will change the heart of many to dharmic ways for sure

  9. mahesh
    jagadguru charanaravindabyam nama: thanks for posting

  10. It is painful to hear the Sringeri Acharya Himself mention “Chaturamnaya Peetam” leaving out the Moolamnaya Kamakoti Peetam.

  11. Really fantastic. One can derive eternal bliss through Dharmic life We should preach and practice dharma always.
    CA CVS Manian, Madurai.

  12. Can anyone provide the subtitles in english for the benefit of others ??

  13. Very nice. Shankara.

  14. A very good advise to all human beings . We must follow his advise every second .

  15. scintillating and thought provoking speech and conveyed in a very lucid simple language to understand and follow in one’s today life.

  16. Krishnan R
    May 7th 2012
    Really it is one of the best speech discourses on Dharma Sastram and advise spend few minutes spending on daily obsessions Good thought provoking discourse

  17. what a discousre on dharma very essential in days like this thought provoking

  18. Wow, what a lucid explanation! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  19. Salute you for sharing this. Maha Sannidhanam is superb as always. I’ve been trying for quite a while to post an English translation of this discourse in my (English) blog. Will try and complete that ASAP.

  20. Can someone please translate this beautiful speech t you

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