Another attempt by Christian mission on HH Sadasiva Brahmendra Swamigal Adishtanam

It is painful to read these news and the aggression by Christian missionaries towards our holy places. Particularly with Sonia Gandhi kind of leaders who encourage missionaries to proliferate, we need more people and money to fight against these forces. Our sincere thanks and namaskarams to our dear Periyavas who are supporting us in this initiative. Please read on this article and reach out to Dr Raghunath for more details and to extend your support.

Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral’s serene and spiritual environment was brutally disturbed by the purchase of three acres of cultivable land adjoining the Jeeva Samadhi complex by a Christian Missionary. The Christian Missionary initiated construction procedures hastily to make eviction difficult. The devotees at Nerur and all over the world raised voice against the proposals.

Devotees of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral and Kanchi Mutt have this rare opportunity to repossess the lands that were grabbed by the Christian Missionary when it was least expected. We do believe in religious harmony but will resist harassment from other religions.

There are a lot of background issues as well that go to show that the missionary’s ill-fated attempt was steeped in sankalpam that was not noble. A couple of salient ones are –

– the construction was illegal (no permit approved for construction on agricultural land), and the missionary did that knowing that once constructed, it will be fait accompli and legal recourse to removal would be almost impossible
– he took donations to the NGO and bought the land and transferred it illegally to his wife’s name

The bhaktas in Karur and Nerur have worked hard to bring all of this to light and stop this activity.
As a rare act, even the government stepped in to help – which almost never seems to happen in Tamil Nadu.

Now, it really is upon us to help reacquire that land and preserve the sanctity of the place. Not just that, the locals had been sympathetic to this missionary because “he was planning on doing good things”. The bhaktas there want to show that we do good things as well. But it doesn’t come free. They are there to help with their manual work and time. If we could step up and help acquire this by collecting at least a fourth of what is required (10lakhs = ~ $20,000) across all chapters
soon, that would be a great kainkarya to sanathana dharma

Generous donations are important at this moment, but more important is our solidarity. Our role today will be a strong message to our children and grand children tomorrow.

Please get in touch with :

Dr. Raghunath
491 South Oyester Bay Road
Plainview, NY 11803
Tel : (516) 796-3509


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  1. Great Job don by Auditor P.R.Mahadevan Karur

  2. Sri Balaji Vedic Center in Michigan is in the process of acquiring a “church” that shut shop recently with the intention of converting it into a Hindu temple.

  3. To lwfs:

    First, United States is NOT a christian country. The ‘founding’ fathers of the USA deliberately did not want it to be a christian country. So read history and get your facts straight before making such preposterous statement. Second, possession of cultivable lands illegally or any illegal construction on a land is a CRIME – anywhere in the world. Try doing that in the US and see where it gets you. What this christian guy did to this Adhistanam is wrong- not just morally, but completely illegal, and therefore he committed a crime and deserves to punished for it ! Why are you debating that at all? Or are you one of those land maffias that regularly steal land and build things on it?By the way, I am looking for land to build a house on, so can I please come to your backyard and raise a construction there? Thank you.

  4. This is just a suggestion: Could you please mention WHERE this Adhistanam is located, for those of us (from outside the state or country) who have no idea where many of the places (temples, mathams, adhistanam, etc) you refer to in your blog is located. Even a one-line sentence mentioning the town and proximity to nearest well-known city is sufficient to give many readers the basic information on which part of the Tamil Nadu (or any State for that matter) a particular establishment, temple, religious place, etc is located. I guess you assume that everyone who reads you blog know where the places are that you refer to in your blog. Thank you.

  5. Dear Mr.Ragunath,

    Thanks for your initiatives. Our mutt is with us and our periyava is very much interested in establishing the Annadhanam at the said place . We have to aquire the land at the earliest . Mr.Mahadevan of Karur is very much on the job. We pray Almighty to bless us in this Holy initiative.



    95247 22233

  6. Thanks for the heads up. How does one contribute ? IF that info can be shared here please do. Else please let us know where to call / write to …. Regards

  7. So, you living in a Christian Country and talking about Christian mission in India. If you are true in your statement you should leave that place (USA) first and start your campaign. Everybody has right to own land any where in India as long he is the Citizen of the country and paid required amount to own that land. If your religion is true then it will flourish itself and does not need protection.

    First of all, make your inner house pure and clear. From that soul you can feel the love of God. Ultimately, God is one and only and his power and presence is every where. If you agree, then you won’t give much value to dead person (even Jesus, Prophet, Ram, Buddha…) rather give true value to every living being. That is the true identify of your inner most.

    • Hi lwfs,

      First identify yourself properly in discussing sensitive matters. Secondly, everybody has to right to own land anywhere – absolutely. The word “anywhere” does not include other’s properties. Would you allow you to put up a tent in your backyard for good?!

      Secondly, “if you religion is true, then it will flourish itself” – most funniest statement ever said against Hinduism. This clearly tells me that you know a damn thing about this topic. Explaining Hinduism to you is a waste of my time. So, go figure out yourself. Have you thought for a minute to see why this statement is not applicable to Christianity – they are the ones who are pumping money to convert others to their religion. Duh?!!!

      Thirdly, Ram, Buddha, Jesus – dead persons? LOL!!!

      Lastly, my country of residence has nothing to do with illegal land grabbing by some Christian mission in India or in other countries. Here in USA, I haven’t heard a case where a church or a mosque grabbing Hindu Temple’s lands etc or the other way around – so that is not even a discussion here.

  8. it is preposterous on the part of anybody to hurt the feelings of other,especially religios feelings where each religion holds their place of worship dear to their heart,glad to know that the mistake has been realised by the perpetrators and a solution found. But a lot of heart-burning could have been avoided. Had been the practice for centuries to lure people away to their fold. Why harping on numbers instead of improving the quality of the present already in the fold

    please advise, how to go about it


  1. ஶ்ரீ சதாசிவ பிரும்மேந்திரரின் 103வது ஆராதனை நெரூரில் 05-05-2017 அன்று நடந்தது – மாறிவரும் சூழ்நிலைகள்

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