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The veda rakshana drive we started in Jan is almost nearing its end….all the waves of cheques were received both here in US and in India. We have presented them in the bank and the recent ones are going to be presented soon. As of today, we have received funds worth of Rs 2,62,457. My guess is that we might touch 2.75 Lakhs with any more last wave of cheques that might come – not more than that.

I intend to create a corpus fund with this amount and take the interest (roughly Rs 2500 p.m) to support veda padasalas of our choice. The primary reason for doing this is to avoid any accidental spending of the bulk money by them.  Most of the administrators of the padasala does not know to keep the funds safe and they end up spending on something quickly and end up in the same situation again.  Also, at times, once the same padasala start to get additional funds from other sources, we could divert our interest to other padasalas at that time or expand our support to more padasala, if our corpus funds increase. If anyone has a different view about this approach, please comment.

Coming to the list of padasalas that I have considered, here are the narrowed down list::

1. Dharma Veda Pada Sala, Bakthipuram St, Kumbakonam – Started somewhere around 1910s, all our periyavas have visited here…..This patasala has lots of agricultural lands and now they are all occupied and grabbed by politicians. The trust that runs this padasala  has gone to the court to get them back. Due to lack of returns from these lands. Few years back they fixed the building etc as it was falling apart….Now,  this is running short on funds by 10K per month. Our funds are not going to bridge all the gaps but will do some. I am awaiting a complete report of this padasala including photos etc. Once I get it I will share it here…

2. Thogoor – Jaimini padasala – pl refer my earlier posting on this….This needs support more on the gho rakshana primarily. I do know that this padasala has recently been included by another trust from North America to support the vidhyarthis….We can keep this on our watch list and if this has any issues we can reconsider at this point.

3. Shri Mouli mentioned that a padasala in Kanchipuram (anaikatti?), requires funds to feed the vidhyarthis with milk and curd as part of their meal. I am yet to gather more info to see if this is going to be an ongoing basis or a short term.

4. Sirigumani – This again has been recently supported under another source from north america.

My first priority is Kumbakonam padasala. The Kumbakonam padasala adminstrator (Shri Subramaniam)  has promised me to provide updates on a periodic manner to give some visibility on how our funds are being spent and other udpates on padasala etc, which I will share it with you all.

Once again, I am really humbled to see all your interest in contributing to this drive and instead of saying sincere thanks, I would rather say, let Periyava’s blessings be with each of the donor and his/her family members. Like I said in the beginning, it is not the amount that matters, it is the heart to support vedic religion. We, here at this blog, truly have it – it is pratyaksham now! With Periyava’s blessings if this fund grows, we could do more….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Shankara!


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  1. It is a good idea to create a corpus fund and use the interest for the needs of the VedaPatasalai. If this collection happens successfully year on year then a part of such collection could be used for the infrastructures addition / repairs.


  2. Thanks for all your efforts.
    Its surprising to know that, still some of veda patashalas are not having enough funds.( its our responsibiity to make sure they are well taken care of )
    This was Mahaperiyava’s foremost subject to keep them financially healthy.
    if you have any link in kanchi mutt, please get details. My understanding is they are very close to this subject and they are in touch with paatashalas.

  3. Hi Mahesh,

    I agree with your proposed suggestion to contribute to Dharma Veda Padasala in KMU. I plan to be in Kumbakonam in June and please let me know if you want me to do anything while I am there. We seek Maha Periava’s Blessings and this is only a start and with all the devotees continued support and contribution, we will be able to make a huge difference.


    • Hari –

      Good to know that you’re visiting KMU in June. You should definitely go and see this place and meet the vadhyar, kids, get some pictures if possible and share it with us all. I owe you a call after my trip with your kind offer to stay at your place etc…..wil call you over the weekend…

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  4. To all who have requested for address, please refer to the post ( for payment details – for both people living in India and outside India also.



  5. Dear Mahesh,
    I am happy with the way you are proceeding.As iI had missed the contribution earlier,,please give me the the Chennai address and the fone number and also the bank details so that I can transfer the funds directly.

  6. Sir,
    I would also like to contribute through online bank transfer. May I get the bank details for transferring the amount?
    K S Krithivasan

  7. Dear Mahesh

    I would like to contribute for the veda patashalas. Please let me know whether I can do it online bank transfer. If yes please provide the bank account details. This will be of great help as I am not staying in India.


  8. Anna,

    One suggestion …Last week i got a post from SSSMM trust inchagre of the Orikkai Manimandapam of Mahaperiyava.

    They had described about various initiatives

    a) Continue with the second phase of ManiMandapam (anna shala,nandi,go shala ) they require another 200 lakhs to complete the entire task

    b) They have 40 vidyarthis belonging to a veda patashalas(kalavai veda patashala) who will form now on stay in Orikkai and nitya rudrabhisekam is being done to Mahaperiyava there.There where requesting people to contribute for the daily expenses incured for vidhyarthis…

    They had given 2 different address and bank acccount details to contribute to the cause (govt approved 80G tax benifits can also be shown)…will try to scan the post which i had got and upload it in net….If possible we can even contribute for the same….any individuals interested in contributing for this noble cause can also do…..

  9. Rs.1000/= from my friend

    May I send the cheque to Shivarpanam Trust

    auditor’s address,please

    may be you didn’t get my earlier mail

  10. well done,mahesh,we leave it to you,your discretion,thanks a lot

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