Shri Ganesha Sharma shares his experience

Met Shri Ganesha Sharma during my India trip. Heard him and heard about him through several of my friends. It was a true pleasure talking to him about Mahaperiyava. It is quite amazing to see how words are flowing through him about Mahaperiyava. There is no doubt that he has all the blessings of Him….

As a project, he along with some other devotees, went on a yathra, with Mahaperiyava vigraham to places that Periyava visited  – exactly the same route. They did pujas in places wherever He did…..This was done in few phases…. HH Mettur Swamigal’s diary helped a lot to complete this mission. I had an opportunity to see the photo albums – it is quite pleasing to see several of those rural places are still left undamaged….

Also Shri Ganesha Sharma promised to send some clippings of critical incidents and messages from Mahaperiyava. Will follow up with him to get them…..

Here is the interview of him – enjoy!!

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  1. I would like to get Ganesh Sharma’s contact details. I must talk to him. Please help me

    • Yes , I would like to contact Sri Ganesh Sarma. , preferably by phone and other possible ways. Could I have some contact details please

  2. Can we know Ganesha Sharma contact details

  3. Dear Sir,
    This is the first time i am watching your mail. I am realy moved by this. How peace and blessings showerred on me I am wondering. Words can never express devine presence and being. Pranams

  4. Jaya Jaya Shankara,
    Thanks a lot for posting this video. No words to explain..

  5. Dear Mahesh,
    Every single word Shri.Ganesha Sharma told about our “Mahaperiyavaa” is true. He is the Supreme parabrahmam. Thanks a trillion for this special interview.Best regards to you and Shri.Ganeshasharma.

  6. Dear Mahesh,

    No words to explain my happiness. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Your comments is exorbidant even during your India’s visit. I will never skip even a single article of yours. I am planning to visit to US during last week of March, 2012. If you could give you contact number I can talk to you while I will be in US.

  8. Lovely interview, fantastic job Shri Mahesh!

  9. many thanks for sharing this…i can feel HIS presence…

  10. Mahesh,

    I just now watched the video and what a superb quality! Thanks for all your great efforts!

  11. Welcome back Mahesh, can’t wait to go home from office and watch this, 5 more hours…!

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