Unknown demand draft sent to me

One of the donors for the Veda rakshana initiative had sent a wrong D.D to me.

This DD has been taken at Central Bank of India, Allapuzha. This has been taken in favor of “The Secretary, Navagraha Kshetra, Ambalapuzha” for the amount of Rs 1001/- If any one of you had sent this, please email me at mk.netid@gmail.com and provide me your address for me to send this back to you.



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  1. that is how navagrahas play with us!

    when are you reaching your place,mahesh

    please post “Devotees’ experiences with Mahaperiyavaa”

    It is a long time we waited!

    Take care

    Bon voyage

    I enjoy the witty remark by Mahaperiyavaa when he went on board the Dakota at Meenambakkam with a child- like curiosity

    “Dey! planeai kilappindu poidatheengoda” (as recalled by Savithri Mahadevan ammal in her reminiscence)

  2. Dear Mr. Mahesh, I welcome your posting.

  3. this is regarding the DD if addressee is not found pl send the same to the CBI Alapuzha branch itself to deliver the same to the party who has taken from the bank or u can send the same to the other address

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