Shri Ra Ganapathi attains Lotus feet of Mahaperiyava

This is to inform our friends that Shri. Ra. Ganapathi has departed our world. The moment of his passing came around 7:30 PM on this auspicious Maha ShivaRatri evening. The family has stated that he was very conscious and aware at the moment of his passing. He started a japam as he started on his way.

He had been well aware of the forthcoming end for the last few days and has shared it with a few people close to him.  As many of us are aware, he has written a number of books (over 35) and articles on Satvik matters. His career as we knew it, started with Jaya Jaya Shankara in 1962, which was published as a serial in the weekly, Kalki and was then published as a book. Over 10 in years in Kalki, and over another 25 years as a freelancer, he has written a number of books and articles touching on the life and words of Shri Kanchi Maha Periyava, as also Shri Satya Sai Baba, Shri ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekanada, Sharadamani and Bhakta Meerabai.

He was gifted in the area of music as well and some of his kritis and bhajans have been rendered by reknowned karnatak musicians. Shri Ganapathi never coveted any fame nor material possessions. A number of us have known him to never touch money and have watched his needs and legal obligations being miraculously met over and over for a number of years, long before he had acquired any name recognition.

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  1. Without divine grace such persons cant exist–Periaval’s abundant grace and blessings have given Ra Ganappthy the Moksham /my pranams to the noble soul-Ravi

  2. ramesh (alias) Lakshmi narayanan.

    just moments ago I came to know his demise, the great, great disciple soul of maha periyava. He taught through out his life, the teachings of maha periyava… through his “dheyvaththin kural” the gratest and the ever greatest work to teach
    the greatness of Hinduism in this world for ever. I am in noway worthy to praise his greatness, but to render my
    kodi…kodi namaskarams to him and through him to the lotus feet of sri sri sri maha periyavaa.

  3. I was fortunate to see Shri.Raa.Ganapathy at close quarters when he was residing with his relations in T.Nagar.Truly a great soul

  4. Homage to Swargiya Ra. Ganapathy, an illustrious writer of our times!
    Sridhar – Chaama
    The 1935 born, Sri.Ra. Ganapathy, the Tamil freelancer who has penned on Meera Bai, Baghawan Sri RamanaMaharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Mahatma Gandhiji, Sri Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, and recorded in seven volumes of his Magnum Opus”Deivathin Kural” (Voice of God) the teachings of Mahaperiyava Sri. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, the 68th pontiff of the Kanchi Sankara Mutt, besides composing lyrics on Lord Shiva rendered by stalwarts like Bharat Ratna Dr.M.S Subbalakshmi, who eschewed his mortal coil on the Maha Shivaratri day (20.02.2012) around 07.30 p.m in Chennai; was a post graduate in English literature, employed as the assistant and associate editor respectively in the Tamil weekly Kalki and English journal Swarajya, before devoting himself completely to record on life and teachings of a retinue of spiritual masters, as enlisted. In a massive recording spanning over seven thousand pages, he has so meticulously and effectively imported the enormous teachings of the Kanchi Mahaswami. It was gathered that this ‘blessed writer’ had stopped the intake of medicines about a week before his demise, clarifying that the “Moksha Devatha” (Goddess of Liberation) was welcoming him, sprawling a diamond sheet for him. A naishtika brahmachari (an orthodox celibate), as during his life, even the end was shorn off any pomp, while he quietly merged into eternity when only a handful of people were beside on the auspicious night!
    Starting with the serial, ‘Jaya Jaya Sankara’ in Kalki during the early 1960s, he has written about three dozen books. The Tamil book titled “ Arivukkanalae, Arutpunalae” published by the Sri Ramakrishna Mutt is revered on par with The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, by Sri GuruMaharaj’s desciples. Subsequently, he also wrote on Thiruvannamalai Yogi Sri Ram Surat Kumar. Some of the devotional songs (bhakthi geethams) composed him are rendered by many popular musicians.
    Like M (Prof.Mahendra Nath Datta) to Gurumaharaj Sri Ramakrihna was Ganapathi to Mahaperiyava; both of whom would deservingly be ever remembered for their invaluably significant contribution to posterity by way of “registering” their respective mentors’ teachings; who are the two unparallel spiritual giants of our country!

  5. Sri.Ra.Ganapathy is a great soul of this century. I would like to recall an incident took place 30 years back, when I wrote a letter to him and got a reply , in which he had pacified me for my sorrowing in my life and advised to lead the life with full confidence. This great soul will be always in peace.

  6. Anna Ganapathi will live in our memory and and in his books. He lived a life equanimity. For him all are one. He allowed Brother Lurther to watch and participate in puja in his house. Sakthivel an ardent devotee of vosiri samiyaar was his helper. He accepted his suffering also as gift of God. Anna you were there when I was crying, who is there now to comfort me. You left us without support.

  7. can some one provide me with the contact information about the Shri Shri Maha periyava veda pataasala located in Thiruvengadu. I would like to know the contact information about it.


  8. ‘Only thro’ “Arunachala Mahimai” in Ananda Vikatan, I came to know the greatness of Tiruvannamalai and Sir Ramana Maharishi…May the his Soul attain the lotus feet of Arunachala…

  9. i am sorry. just now rcd this in mail: //The Program is rescheduled to IIIrd week of March due to speakers not available., New date will be informed,. Regrets., // pl look for official announcement in media!

  10. There is some mention of a Shraddhaanjali function in memory of our beloved Ra. Ganapati the coming Sunday 4th March 2012. Any idea of the venue, time and organisers? Can some details be posted?

  11. We the Trustees and Devotees of Sri Devi Kamakshi Mandir, New Delhi gratefully recollect and remember the excellent service Sri Ra Ganapathy rendered to the Universe by gift of writing given to him by Almighty.

    A Moksha Deepam is lit in Sri Devi Kamakshi Mandir, New Delhi with Prayers for the soul to rest in peace.

    All from Sri Devi Kamkashi Mandir,
    A-11, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
    Opp. JNU East, Gate,
    New Delhi 110 067.
    Phone : 011-26867240 / 26520202

  12. namaskaram!
    so nice to see all these comments! it is a pity that though he said there is material enough to fill ten volumes only 7 volumes of deivaththin kural materialised.
    even in the final rest his face lost none of the thejas!
    as one of his cousins i have created a google page for people to pay their tributes here:
    those who wish may kindly do so.

  13. we all pray that the great Ganapathi mama comes back to earth to give us his spritual teachings thro masters

    We pray for him


  14. I am grandson of Raa Veezhinathan Founder Editor Amarabharati. I am blessed to have had meetings with Raa Ganapathi for getting articles Sappatu Ramanar. His Mounam on Thursdays and gestures to take the articles in still very fresh.
    We see Mahaperivaal thro Raa Ganapathi in Deivathin Kural

  15. Sri.Ra.Ganapathi was a colossus in the world of spiritual books. I had met him after a long search about a couple of years back. He was unwell and confined to the bed. However his eyes were as luminiscent as ever and he was kind enough to meet me for a few minutes inspite of his illness. It was then that I realised his magnanimity and greatness.
    His style of writing was unique – simply superb and lovable.
    We shall definitely miss him for a very long time to come.

  16. His contribution is great. All future generations will remember him for his compilations ” Deivathin kural “.
    If any one want to understand what is Hinduism & what is there in Hinduism, i think one should read complete 7 volumes.

  17. Sri Hari
    It is indeed aloss to us but at the same time there is no doubt that he would have attained the holy feet of Sriman Narayana.May we ever remain in bakthi and follow the teachings of sri Maha periava and lead a life santhi and prema where bagavan resides.

  18. Namaskar ! We are from Thiruvengadu my father Shri N.Jagannatha Sastrigal is a staunch devotee of Kanchi Maha muni Sri Sri Chanderasekarendra Saraswathi Mahaswamigal, and as a boy I have witnessed tears rolling down his eyes whenever he collects “Acharya Sambhavana” from his Ubadhyayams, and sends it regularly to Sri Shankara Mutt regularly. I gifted my father with Deivathin Kural, I am literally crying for the sudden demise of Mahan Sri Ra.Ganapathi.

    பரமாச்சார்யாள் பரமசிஷ்யர் பரமனடி சேர்ந்தார்
    ஓம் நம சிவா ய ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர ஹர ஹர சங்கர

  19. Ra. Ganapati is a great soul. His writings in Kalki and Bharanidharan’s writings in Ananda Vikatan introduced Maha PeriyavaL’s teachings and Presence to me in my younger days. A few years ago, I visited him at his humble single room accommodation and did Namaskarams to him. He said that he was unwell and could not hear properly, but he blessed us all. I saw a small Maha PeriyaL photo and Shirdi Sai Baba Photo by the side of his cot.He never coveted fame or money and simply lived in the world as a true Karma Yogi. Without his efforts, Deivathin Kural 7 Volumes and many instances on Maha Swamigal’s life would not have been published. He was keenly devoted to Maha Swamigal, Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha Swamigal of Sringeri,Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Satya Sai Baba and Yogi Ramsuratkumar. He was a keen proponent of Aikya or Unity among the various Sankara Mathas. He used to call the Mahaswamigal, Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha Swamigal and Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi as the Advaita Triumvirate of the 20th century. He merged with the absolute on Maha Sivarathri day, chanting the Naama till the end. What greater example of Mukhthi, there could be? I wish and pray that Shri. Karthikeyan, Proprieter of LKM Publications, T. Nagar, Chennai on behalf of Shri. Ra. Ganapati’s Dhivya Vidya Trust, bring out regularly his hitherto unpublished works and already published works, as a continuing homage to the great man and his piety. I feel greatly blessed to have Sri. Ra. Ganapati’s Dharshan at least once in my life.

  20. Farewell dear brother…may the Lord guide your footsteps homeward.

  21. Sri Ra Ganapathi passed on Maha Sivaraathri evening after taking prasad from Shiva temple. He shred his mortal body at the start of Maha Sivaraathri first kaala pooja. How many people get an opportunity like this on Maha Sivaraathiri day ? He had been telling his family and some close friends that he will pass away soon and he did attain ‘Siva Sayujyam’ on Maha Sivaraathiri day. What a noble and blessed soul.

    • Very true. This incident is very similar to Sri Sivakamasundara Dikshitar, whom I know, saw him once during my last trip. He was 96 or something. Even at that ripe age, he does this madi veshti by himself and did everything…..He left this world, after taking the theertha prasadam after Rathna sababathi abishekams – only noble souls get such blessings….

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  22. Venkat – IT is very fortunate to be his brother and we are still rembering the multiple volumes of thivathin kural which is like modern days VEDA and upanishads.


  24. First when i saw your message, I was thinking of him, then when I saw that he merged with the God, I didn’t expected it, after that only I read he was doing Nama Japa and the day was Maha Sivarathri Then I was very proud of that soul to reach the proper place. He is a High level spirit, lived a spiritual life and wrote about spirituality and religion together, In Kalki issues which I frequently read. I read “Swami” and the Kumbabisheka special of Kaanchi Kaamaakshi. which was written on the instructions by Periyawal. His writings too guided me in spiritualism. Thanks you very much to you for informing us all well in time.

  25. A great Soul. My companion throughout my sailing days was his books ” Deivatthin Kural” . I used to look forward to new volumes and felt so sad when he stopped with the seventh volume. Fortunate are those who could be close to such great people. We will sure miss him

  26. Without Sri Ra Ganapathy the world would not have been able to see the Deivathin Kural and other books on Sri Mahaperiyava, Thanks for sharing his photograph.

    Sri Sri Ra Ganapathy has attained the Lotus feet of Mahaperiyava. I remember some one aptly mentioning that Deivathin Kural is Mahabharatha (VEDA and UPANISHADs), Mahaperiyava is Sage VYASA and Sri Sri Ra Ganapathy is Lord Ganapthy who wrote the unparalleled epic Deivathin Kural.

    Many of his works, while reading bring the experience of reality as if we were present in front of Mahaperiyava.

    It is a great loss for Spiritual community. May his family able to withstand this loss by the Grace of Sri Mahaperiyava..

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara


  27. Our Pranams to Shri Ra.Ganapathi who attract many common people to understand so many great souls of Our country Bharath,I still remember the day of the publication of the story of Adi Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara through Tamil Weekly Kalki,my grand father,grand mother,My father used to fall in line to read the story of Sankaracharya.We Pray God and Paramacharyal to bless the great soul.May God give enough strength to the family of Shri Ra.Ganapathy to stand the shock.Hara Hara Sankara,Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  28. A good soul really. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

  29. May the blessings of Mahaperiaya be on his family to tide over this great loss.

  30. thanks for informing .Great loss in Sri. Ra.Ganapathi’s ”departure” .Great personality of spiritual ingress and devotion to Mahaperiyavaa!

  31. Gifted to see his photograph now-simple,pious, innocent

    No doubt such great souls are taken care of by the paramathman .See how Siva ,Himself blissful,all-mangalam ever and innocence-divine, took Ganapathy into Him on Maha sivarathri

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