Nearing the end of my trip….

Just another few days to go before I come back…visited lots of places, met lots of people/friends, had good time. At the end, my mother had to be admitted for a surgery – nothing life-threatening, but a procedure that has to be done. Surgery is over and she is on the recovery path..should be home in the next few days..

I planned this trip in a way that I would be in Kanchipuram for Maha Shivarathiri. It looks like I was not blessed, I ended up in the hospital room with my mother, helping her. I tried hard to stay up all night – but couldn’t do it beyond 2 PM. It was hard to be on a hospital room, lights turned off, nobody to talk to and stay up all night….I am glad I was able to help my mother – wish I were able to attend at least one abishekam in the temple 🙁 Looks like my prayers aren’t enough….

Regarding devotees’ experiences, I am coming back home with lots of files…will start to publish once i am back to US. Life here during such short stays are very busy and unable control/manage the time – it manages me!

On the veda rakshana drive, all the cheques collected in India/US have been handed over to Shri Chandramouli – some more are still left. I will update you all in the next week with more details…

Looking forward to connecting with you all soon.

Take care,


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  1. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    We pray to Maha Periava to shower His blessings on you and your dear mother. May be, Maha Swami
    blessed you to serve your mother at the time of need. That itself is Maha Shivaratri punya to you all.
    Looking forward to receive your posts.

  2. hari Om,
    A very blessed person indeed .In these days of run after material possesssion you i are giving us the nectar of the teachings and upanyasas of the great mahan and also the experiences of those who have moved with paramacharya.Thank you Mahesh for all you are doidng.

  3. Every other comment for this post that is ever said is all true mahesh! no divine service matches the one that you have done by taking care of your mother! Glad you were able to collect bags full of information during this visit and could manage to visit a lot of places. Safe and happy travels back to the US.

  4. Excellent Sri. Mahesh. Hope your mother is recovering speedily. When you are at the hospital looking after your mother and praying, all the Punyam of watching Lord Shiva’s Four Kaala abhishekams and Naama Japaas would have accrued to you. May God bless you always!

  5. Dear Mahesh, If you have time, I would like to meet you in person can you pls say when Where I have to come. Can yo pls call me and give your Us phone as well as India phone
    I am glad that your mothers surgery is over and she is improving. Did you meet periaval.Infact all are waiting for your posting. please cheakup the devotees experience “echangudui ganapadigahspeach not fully up loded

  6. Radhe krishna

    Of Gods, the first is Mother. Even Sathguru Adhishankara has practiced that. Only because of your Mathru Sishrusha, you had been blessed with writing about Kanchi Periyava. Hence, you will be again given chance to talk about, write about, share about, feel about Maha periyava. Sri SathgurubhyO nama:

    Radhe krishna

  7. It is a Great Blessing to stay with your mother at that time. it is also God’s will. God will bless you all.

  8. Dear Mahesh,

    I pray ALMIGHTY for the speedy recovery of your mother. ALso I request you to send the Mobile numbers of the person who is collecting cheque for the Veda Rakshana Drive

  9. taking care of Mother I meant is great service and prayer.


  10. Dear Mahesh

    Wishing a speedy recovery to your mother, As all said there is no equivalent prayer than to taking of Mother.

    ya devi sarva bhooteshu matru roopena samsthita
    namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha


  11. Dear Mahesh,
    Lord Mahadevar & Maha Periyaval will shower their benign blessings on YOU & YOUR family for the devoted service rendered by you by remaining with her in the Hospital on Maha Sivarathri Day.Ypu are a gifted soul.
    It is The Will of HIM, which clearly established that your presence with your beloved Mother at the time of her need is more important than visiting Temple & meditating on Sivarathri Day.
    good wishes for the speedy recovery of your mother.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara,
    Hara Hara Sankara.
    Maha Periyaval Thiruvadikku Sarnam.
    Tranquebar Nityanandan.

  12. Hi Mahes,
    Thank you for all that you are sharing.
    Attending & caring your MOTHER is a GREATER prayer, superior than that of ShivaRathri Japam. ( even in that isolated precincts of that Hospital )
    I salute your noble efforts and Good thoughts.
    God Bless.
    Jeya Jeya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara.
    Srinivasan. V.
    Perth, Australia.

  13. your prayers were more than enough. therefore you were able to there for your mother when she needed you.

  14. Doing errands on your mother is more than prayer. Had you been in Chicago you could not have this opportunity to serve your mother. Mahaperiyavaa would bring her back to normalcy soon. Wish you happy days ahead

  15. I am very proud of you Shri Mahesh that you were selflessly looking after your Mother on Shivarathri! Like they say, Maatha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam, you were right on target!

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