Sri Anjaneya Swami’s experience

Shri Anjaneya Swami was given sanyasa by HH Mahaperiyava….one of his relatives shares the experience of how Shri Anjaneya Swami interacted with Him…..


Maybe it is the name – the guru bakthi he had towards Shri Anjaneya Swami towards Mhaperiyava is exactly the same as Lord Anjaneya towards Lord Rama…..

It is beyond comprehension how Mahaperiyava brought Sri Anjaneya Swami back from death…..

It is very sweet to see how the whole family is united across all ages when it comes to Periyava  bakthi….

I will try to get the songs written by this family on Mahaperiyava…

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. can anyone kindly share the photo of Anjaneya Swamigal please

  2. We are indeed fortunate to be born in such a family of Bhakthas. Amma has missed some important incidents in her narration which I would like to add.
    1.Periyavaa instructed Anjaneya swamigal to publish sampradaya bhajans which he had compiled over a period of 50-60 years. It was published as ‘Bhajanaratnakaram’. (Recently it has been blatantly copied by Giri Traders and published as Pracheena Sampradaya Bhajanaratnakaram. Still we are keeping quiet!)
    2.Periyavaa instructed Sri Sri Anna to conduct a sapthaham at Kaashi for Sri Anjaneya Swamigal in 1979.What a gift
    from the Gurunathal to his Bhagavatham loving bhaktha!
    3.On the demise of sri thatha swamigal, Periyavaa had sent bhajana goshtis to our house on 9th ,10th& 11th days and there was a grand Divyanama bhajan on the pandal erected near thinnai.Periyavaa also sent sari, dhoti etc. to paatti thatha like a mother, through one Sri.Radhakrishnan.

  3. Heartfelt Thanks Shekar for sharing this video with us. Only our great Athai could have given such a beautiful narration. I also liked the expert comments from Ramanan, what a memory! I was very fortunate to have interacted with sri Anjaneya Swamigal during my days in BHU. Thanks once again

  4. Gopalaswamyji, are you referring to Brahmasri Vaidyanatha Ganapatigal of Sorakkayur (Mudikondan) (who was the teacher for Brahmasri Ramu Deekshithar, father of Brahmasri Jayakrishna Deekshitar). If you are, I don’t know how blessed am i and how much i deserve, I’m one of the great grandsons of Brahmasri Vaidyanatha Ganapatigal, his daughter vatsala is my grand mother.

  5. Anjaneya Swamigal was well known to me from 1953 and he also knows me well . fist fist I saw his sitting in pooja area as a sentry forthe pooja. I was a boy studying in nannilam schoolOn return from school I was always in the mutt. Periava was camping in my village in vanci mamas ‘Seradi for long time.He used to teach me slokas . After left for Engg study I
    and job I had less opertunity to move with him.I think whenPeriaval was in Sulurpeta shivan temple he got snyasam . He is a very kind and srtict person. He only asked Soraikaur ganapadigal of Mudikondan to teach me swaras for vedic manthras in sandyavandanam. then I was known in mutt as mudikondan gopu. Santhanam Sri Vedapuri , polakam Gopalaiyer, marakkanu wre there to mention some. I am even known to Sri balu etc presently in mutt. Anjaneya mama was so kind to me , that he used to give a apple fruit daily.I cannot forget him in life

  6. a great service for Devotees if the songs are recorded by a reknown artiste and made public..These Videos are real Pokkisham for eternity..

  7. wonderfull anna…maha baghyam ……

  8. Great Mhesh


    “Asramathai thavira vera onnum kettathillaiye”

    naama athai thavira

  9. Brilliant one, thank you Shri Mahesh.

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