Brahmasri Gopala Ganapadigal shares his experience

Wish you all a very happy Pongal….

Brahmasri Gopala Ganapadigal shares some interesting experiences and his exposure to several incidents how much He gave importance to veda pata sala etc….. Highlight is how He saved a very smart vedic student and how he himself got memory power from Mahaperiyava… This is one of the older ones, when Shri Shivaraman started to do these video recordings and didnt know how to get better audio/video etc.. For initial some time, the audio is quite low – so crank up the volume to max to hear it well…

Last night when I was talking to Shivaraman, he was getting ready to buy a professional-grade mic for better audio 🙂 so we can expect digital quality audio going forward!!


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  1. It was very nice Shri Mahesh. Thanks as always to you and Shri Shivaraman.

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