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  1. Blessed are the ones who has these photographs, for he can attain peace just on seeing these photographs. Blessed are the ones who share these photographs with others. I had Mahaperiava’s darshan about 50 years back. Today I felt as though I am seeing him alive after fifty years.
    Thanks to the person who has uploaded it and may God bless him with peace and prosperity.

  2. Excellent and very useful information about the Temples etc.
    Mahaperiavas’ photos thatroopam.
    Tks and regards

  3. Very Glad to see Periyava with his true devotees whose devotion still remembered by many. This is a Great thing in our life.

  4. 1.Nice to see the photo of Maha Periyavaa at Chidambaram,all devotees looking’away’from Maha Periyavaa about which I had commented earlier.2.Nice to see Uthandarama Pillai who was so devoted to Maha Periyavaa and whose son U.Ugalum Perumal who was my clasmate used to describe his father’s unadulterated devotion to Maha Periyava..great pics indeed.tks

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