Update on Veda Rakshana Drive

Hello all –

As mentioned in my earlier, the goal for this drive is to approach each of our reader community and collect Rs 1000/- towards supporting veda pata salas that require support.

Where are we?

Thanks to each and every one of you, who have generously come forward to support. Thanks to several folks who are spreading the word like a forest fire…  Hoping to get favorable responses from them as well..

When you send the cheques, please ensure to send  your name, address and your email id in a piece of paper along with the cheque. This is very essential for tracking. Even if you want to sponsor anonymously, I still need these info.

On the criteria on what veda pata salas are to be chosen,  I am going to entrust that to Shri Chandramouli – however I will be consulted before anything is finalized. If you have any suggestions on veda pata salas, please send me a note and we will include them in our list to be considered. I will share the list of pata salas with all of you before get into action.

Please read: Please bear in mind, Shri Chandramouli has a regular job  and in addition, he is doing this service. So I would like to assist him by not bombarding him with too many status report requests on a very frequent basis. Initially we will share the schools, their situation, how the funds will be spent etc. On an ongoing basis, we will share a yearly report to all donors via this blog – any additional updates in between will be made as situation changes. If anyone has any apprehension about this, please let me know now. This will help making a decision.

Once again, sincere thanks to each and every donors.

Very Very special thanks to Sri V.Sreenivasan, and Sri Suresh Panchanathan for an outstanding support in spreading the word to 100s of their friends/families and I am seeing lots of responses from them….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara



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  1. Hi MAHESH,

    i have sent my contribution to the trust SBI account Rs 1234 today.

    I have purposely sent an odd amount so that , they are in a position to identify the amount.

    The amount will be in their account on 30th jan .

    Warm Regards

    South Africa

  2. Dear Srinivasan,
    Thanks for forwarding the message.I would like to be a part of it and I will send my contribution as soon as possible.Thanking you once again and wishing you all the best . Yours,M.Sugumar

  3. Sri.Suresh panchanathan,request to let me know your e-mail id for contacts reg; this drive ,we are all in

    Thank you, suresh

  4. Dear Mahesh,

    Need the tel nos. of Mrs.Bhagirathi as we need to specify on the address when we send the courier. This will ensure the delivery promptly.

  5. As suggested by Sri. M.Muralidharan we may keep receipt of contributions open,throughout. A decision,anyhow, may please be taken in the first week of March after tracking progress

    Natural, devotees would not stand on the shore for long before getting into the waves of Bliss in full moonlight

    Mahaperiyavaa at the tip of the biggest wave waits with a raft to sail swift to help us if we are in trouble

  6. Hi Mahesh,

    You have undertaken work for a noble cause and I will do my little part by spreading the word to my family members (Geetha calls my family a clan!) I will send an email to you separately and talk to you over the phone! Maha Periyava is our Prathyaksha Deivam and Vedha Samrakshanam is close to HIs Heart!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

  7. Sri.Sreenivasan Raju AIYER(ALIAS)sRI.sWAMINATHA sARMA

    Respected Sir, Namaskaram, I have a small request

    Glad to know you are also from Srirangam. You are really fortunate to live in Srirangam

    I was there for so many years in so many places in Srirangam, the last one being in the apartment next to JAC departmental stores. Was in flat 11, Swetha apartment,flat 303 Aswini apartment. May I request you to visit Sri.Venkatesan at flat 9,Swetha apartment and Sri.Mahadevan at flat 7, swetha apartment and appraise them in person regarding our drive for veda samrakshanam.They don’t have internet facilities. they would be interested, suggest to meet venkatesan first. He was in railways, ex stationmaster. He would spread the news like forest fire and would be the first to head to srirangam head p.o. just like your kindself. nothing like meeting in person and appraising for a fast progress. please request them to spread the message among the residents of gururaghavendra,swathi,swetha,srinivasa,ganga,kaveri,aswini apartments in the same complex and also dinesh of mahaveer jewellery. If you tell venkatesan that srinivasan(that is me) has high hopes on him,it will do wonders. I would ring up others there where phone talk would goad them into action

    sikhagirisan in srinivasa,balakrishnan in kaveri.ms.lalitha in aswini,skm in swathi are others to whom venkatesan would carry the message

    my mob. 0 810 57 19 163, email vseenu07@gmail.com

    if in order and o.k. for you,please mail me your contact details, I shall have the pleasure of meeting you in person when i visit my native village via srirangam. I shall only be blessed to be blessed by you. Rare to see thrikala sandhyavandhani

    and sahasra gayathri upasaki, these days. Anantharama dikshidhar used to say,those bygone years when only mani,mandhiram, oushadham were there to cure illness, those people who hesitated to enter agraharam, would wait at the end of agraharam in the early morning when brahmins return from the village tank after their snana and japam
    to take the sand treaded by those doing japam and apply on their forehead



  8. Thank you Sri.Panchanathan,you are more brilliant. We only stand second to your encouraging and caring words

    Let us all make the project, we are in, a grand success

  9. Brilliant writing Seenu Sir, thanks a ton for those encouraging and caring words.

  10. Dear friends,

    Hope you had viewed my earlier forward of the post of Sri.Mahesh of the blog of Sage of Kanchi on the subject of the above link

    There are also two important updates by Mahesh. Please view the recent and top posts also which detail the mode of payment of

    your donation. Please e-mail subscribe to the blog to get the updates as the project progresses.

    You had the opportunity of enjoying the experiences of devotees as interviewed by Shivaraman,as forwarded to you by me and KRV

    Must be, you had already decided to send your mite/might but due to your preoccupations in the mundane, there is a likelihood

    of postponing posting your message of support prior to sending your contribution to this. Your messages of support would give

    the organizers of this drive a definite idea on how to go about it

    In the photograph at the top of one of the update messages, look intently at the face of the girl, in simple attire, doing pranams to

    Mahaperiyavaa as He climbs the steps. The young girl personifies Grace,Poise and sincerity, at least to me who do not know

    How to surrender? All these “I” and “Mine” make a hell out of “Me”. Blame it on education and societal contacts who ask me

    Where do I own my house? and I tell them I own my houses in hills and sea coasts only and none in the plains, like Beverley Hills,

    Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Horsley Hills and on E.C.R;W.C.R; and S.C.R;( please include all hills and coasts on earth) and enjoy

    for a second the kind of exclamation and question marks on their faces and hastily add, lest they should have an attack in their

    hearts, that”And, ofcourse, a small plot in the Heart of Mahaperiyavaa since He plotted against me benevolently to give a plot there,

    next to Mahesh,Chandramouli,Sridharan,Shivaraman

    Also, again with reference to the photograph, see how gracefully Mahaperiyavaa looks at the girl-the Nayana dheekshai

    Back to the houses/plots, this esteemed society rolling in Esteem ask me” How I managed to register all those houses /plots on hills and coasts? to which

    I reply” It’s all done in Swapna Hills and Swapna resorts yesterday night itself and as for the plot in Mahaperiyavaa’s heart, it is done with a simple cheque for Rs.1000/-

    drawn in favour of “Shree Shivaarpanam Trust”(for people in India/non-US)

    and sent to MrsBhakirathi Muthukrishnan,Block 7/1F Ceebros Park Apartments,2A,Radhakrishnan Salai,Valasaravakkam,

    Chennai-600087 and for friends in U.S.A. who wish to book their plots, write the cheque in favour of Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation or KKSF,,send to Mahesh’s address

    six six one six,majestic way, carpentersville, IL six zero one one zero with a request to write the door number and zip code in numerals while sending the cheque along with

    the information of your name,addressand e-mail id in a piece of paper attached to the cheque, for the purpose of tracking. If you wish to remain anonymous,keep it in private

    between you and KKSF and Shree Shivaarpanam Trust, as the case may be.Please confirm yourself regarding the details by viewing the messages from mahesh in the recent/top posts by mahesh in the link mentioned above.

    Mahesh,take a small break from anxieties,it is going to be fine

    In the searches for a groom for my daughter, one lady,a boy’mother, asked me,”Hi,Srinivasan,Do you know, what it means of her owning a bungalow in E.C.R. in CHENNAI?

    I thought, the question comes from an Extra-terrestrial object(E.T.O) and took E.C.R. as Extra-coastal road,in deep sea. They usually walk/run/jump in air without any yogic

    practice like the fish that swim, like the crows that fly, like the snakes that crawl and like the frogs that jump without any strenuous yogic exercises. Though the animals are caged, we are advised to keep away. So keep away,my friends, either for alliance or for donations. Not only they lose their peace of mind,make you also lose yours

    Last but not the least of information, Mahaperiyavaa’s heart’s space is unimaginably bigger,the plots laid in circular fashion, the circle expanding as the donors pour in, all plots equi-distant from the epicenter of Peace,Compassion and Bliss ie. Mahaperiyavaa but even then it is prudent to keep the Welcome Arches till march15,2012 so that we get on to the next step. any changes, arising out of devotees’ comments/suggestions/queries would be informed to devotees,by Mahesh,with gratitude

    What we take is the Vedha-Gosha and the lowing of the cows who you saved from slaughtering at the final call as the dog Yudhishtira took

    please shoot your message of support first, follow it up with a cheque and then Summa iru,Seyal Ara reciting JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA SANKARA but keeping in touch with participating in the blog. Mahesh’s email id is mk.netid@gmail.com feel free to contactThe project is in safe,sincere,devoted hands

    Thank you friends,kindly spread the message far and wide with your excellent contacts,family and friends

    v.srinivasan aka seenu


  11. I simply stated the fact – not worried at all. Our goal is not to collect any huge sum of money…. We have a modest objective and I am sure that Periyava knows how much we should collect and whatever we get is fine with me. Thanks for spreading the word.

  12. Sir. Do not worry about 60 people pledging. A lot of people have been made aware of the drive through social networking sites. I have sent the details to my father and uncles. Do not be surprised if a few hundred people actually end up contributing 🙂

  13. Hi mahesh, Please share me you email id. I need to send you some snaps of Shri Shri Maha periya Brindhavan.

    I’m travelling to USA on Jan 11 2011 and before that I wanted to have a darshan of my GURU, my GOD Shri Shri Maha Periyava.. So today [Jan 9 2012], I went to Shri Shri Kanchi Matt and had an amazing experience. I’m an ardent devottee of Mahan Shri Shri Kanchi Periyava.

  14. Dear Mahesh,

    I am sending my chk tomorrow to chennai ad.

    I also expected several 100 response. But the very divinity that asked you to take up this cause will most certainly do what is to be done. You are just an instrument as you have already understood from 100 of people experiences.

    God bless you!


  15. my dear Sri. Mahesh,

    Do not be disheartened by this slow start. With Maha Periava’s Blessings, I am sure the flood gates will open.

    So far as I am concerned, you need not bother about tax deductions at this point in time. Far more important is to leave it a person/trust who worships the cause and hold periava close to heart.

    My humble opinion is not to put a deadline and close acceptance of donation. This has to be undertaken by real devotees who feel for it and continue to feel for it in times to come. Hence one has to be careful with whom we ask. Perhaps, for administrative reasons, you can keep Mar 15th as a deadline for Phase I.

    I am sending my cheque to Srimathi Bhagirathi Muthukrishnan’s address tomorrow morning.

    warm regards


  16. My dear Sri Mahesh: Oh boy! You have undertaken a very very noble cause. May Sri Periyavaa give you all that is necessary to carry it forward successfully. I am just about to leave my house heading towards Srirangam Head Post Office to post my Mite for THE Cause, to Smt. Bhagirathi Muthukrishnan’s address.

    With best regards,

    Yours in Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s Service,
    Sri Sreenivasan Raju Aiyer (alias)
    Sri Swaminatha Sarma
    Trikaala Sandhyavandhani &
    Nithya Sahasra Gayatri Upasaki
    09 January 2012

  17. He will be very very proud of you and everyone involved in this noble cause Shri Mahesh! Thanks a ton for showing us the way.


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